One out of Four Isn’t Bad: The 2014 Lay’s Chip Flavors

Months ago, the announcement of Lay’s “Do us a Flavor” competition is on and four new chips have been released onto America’s ever-growing snack hole. But unlike the last flavor set that gave us Cheesy Garlic Bread, this year, the new flavors come in four three individual styles, two of them are the classic chip, Wavy, regular and kettle-cooked which are my favorite.

The Flavors:





Wasabi isn’t in this because I did not get a chance to try it and frankly I’m afraid to since I remember trying the real thing. Anyway, it’s not really possible to find these flavors at any regular grocery store in New York City unless you’re a 7-Eleven or a Manhattan Duane Reade/Walgreen’s  Here’s in short summaries of what I think of these proposed flavors.


This tastes exactly what I think it would be. I don’t know how this made it far but all I can say that they did good on this type. How this flavor works is that they added cappuccino spice into the chips which is mostly composed of cinnamon and sugar. So basically they are sweetened chips that have a hint of coffee. I don’t know if that’s new but I know sweet and salty kettlecorn exists. Also to those who are thinking of a coffee-flavored chip, may get some midnight-oil burners excited. Sorry to disappoint, but it’s explicitly mentioned in the bottom-right that these chips contain no caffeine.

Wavy Mango Salsa

Another sweet-chip that caught my fancy, heck I bought two of each in the first run. It tasted buttery which inspired me to think of my flavor that I might want to submit to Lay’s next time they run this. The mango is more dominant than the salsa and sadly that’s where it ends. As I learned after having the second bag that the mango is only good once as in finishing the first bag. Having the second bag was a fast track to getting real sick and eventually throw the rest in the trash. So unless you’re a mango fanatic, it’s not a go-to chip to snack.

Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese

An instant favorite as it shows a bit of my own biases in favor of the ubiquitous of all comfort foods and baconmaniacs alike. The bacon is reminiscence of an a past product Lays had before called BLT (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato) and that wasn’t too bad unless you like the lettuce portion taste like soap. Anyway it taste like its supposed to be, in regular chip form, the bacon is what made it good along with the cheese. I guess the only reason they added the mention of the Macaroni is because it’s the closest they think that these chips can go ahead into production. Just calling it “bacon and cheese” would have been equally enough.

This gets my vote!

Wasabi Ginger

It took a bit of bravery considering what the real stuff would do to me (especially my sinuses) and decide to go for it. When I tasted it I did get the taste of ginger but it was the Wasabi now that gets me. It was a mild taste and not scalding hot like the original. But what really gets the experience going is the taste of soy sauce that is in each and every chip. It was fun but not enough to get me interested to keep eating them over and over. Despite it is the only one that sells the larger bags.

So those are my thoughts of the four Lays chips and I really hope that Bacon mac and cheese would win this one. And hope when they bring this contest again, I would bring up my own flavors.




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