The Generation of “Self-less” Idiots

I’ve beginning to see a patter here the older I get. Why is it that we have things like recovery partitions instead of following backups and storing original OS disks in computers. Why most cars made after the 90’s are so complicated and sealed away, you can’t anymore work the car yourself but need a mechanic whose training could closely rival that of one who works on airplanes.

Why is it that we get customer service horror stories (from the service’s point of view) of customers who couldn’t follow the simplest of instructions? I am starting to think why that is. With planned obsolescence and the over-complication of simple systems, we are actually creating a generation of “self-less idiots”. What I mean by that is that there are people who don’t know how to do things themselves but instead take all that energy to complain to those that do.

The reason, just to get your money. We end up with products that break down faster than we can use them and have to buy newer and better crap without any know-how to fix it to make it last. We have an economy that makes things that are not made to last. I just thought I point that out with what’s going on now.  With the way things are going now, should a catastrophe comes, the remaining survivors would just die quickly. Simply because they surrendered their ability to learn for themselves in the name of convenience.


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