Pictures vs. Reality: Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich

What a way to celebrate “National Donut Day” I would say that in quotes because despite its real historical standing, it’s a ploy companies for dish out free, low-cost or outrageous donuts in this short time frame. But Dunkin Donuts as taken it another step further for this day of all days. A resurrection of an old classic or should I say, A classic that did this guy in.

A little history, Singer/Songwriter and Producer Luther Vandross came up with the idea. Back in 1979, The story goes that he ordered burgers for himself and his crew. However the catering company didn’t have enough buns for the burgers and Vandross had no time to order more buns. So he took a donut, cut it bagel style and served the burger in it. The rest was history.

Fast forward to many versions and heart attacks later and you have the first mainstream version of the classic now for the breakfast crowd, which much to the unwitting chagrin (*sigh* that fucking word) of the media who acted like they have never heard of it before despite restaurants all across ” ‘murica’ ” served the damned thing since. Let’s cut to the chase…

I give you the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich.

Mmmm…. You can feel your arteries clogging. Or “‘MURICA!!”

Be pretty nice to try it out on that day of all days but like always, here’s what good ol’ reality serves it up. Warning, not so pleasant.


Pre-made egg, bacon and cheese on a glazed donut bun! I digged in to this delight and really… it wasn’t anything special so the overall feeling of tasting eggs, bacon and cheese with sugar was a definite “meh.” But I can say it was a good experience to try which would prompt me to go and make a version better than what Dunkin Donuts can make. With that in mind, I want to turn your attention to something else that caught my eye but has seldom ever mentioned in the media.

In select areas, to celebrate the coming of Summer, other than the new “Dad Star”, for father’s day, are also the release of two summer flavors: Key Lime and Lemonade. A lemonade Donut!

Lemonade (Yellow-white), Key Lime (Brown) and yeah… you know. “murica…”

Now they taste a lot better than imagined, mostly the Key lime. The Lemonade’s flavor is squared mostly on the crumbly topping and not the filling, since you can get the same feel out of a regular lemon donut you get at that place. Overall the sandwich could have been more better if there were eggs cooked with real effort, some sausage or make it a “build it your way” kind and see where it goes from there.


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