Pictures vs. Reality: White Castle’s Mac and Cheese Nibblers

Well here I am again with another look of what foods really looked like under the radar and what caught my eye just came from once again,  White Castle. According to sources this couldn’t have come at a better time for those who need to keep away from meat on Lent. Or just that’s how they roll. To get back on topic I’m talking about a new item called Mac and Cheese Nibblers.

You know... these things.
You know… these things.

Along side the new shrimp nibblers, during lent, I wanted to try the former. I already know about the latter because shrimp is shrimp and it’s already been to death so I’ll stick with the mac and cheese nibblers. From the picture before looking at the real product they really look much alike. Smells good, though they could have taken it easy on the oil before serving it up.

From the description:

Creamy cheddar cheese mixed with macaroni and coated with a crispy cheddar batter.

The cheddar batter is what gets me and it what makes it tastes good but what about the macaroni itself? Well it’s not like you expect in the pictures. I mean it is not the kind you would associate with macaroni. It’s more like loose tubes than the elbow shape you world associate with it.

More like tube-oroni
More like tube-oroni

In comes the taste. Reminder the smell and love for the batter coating is much to be liked and the pasta itself not what you expected but has moderate firmness of a fried product. The cheese, smooth and good but it felt it was incomplete. The mac and cheese in the nibbler was incomplete so what was the solution to this problem? It needed condiments. Ketchup and Tartar Sauce is what help solved this problem and believe it or not it was not bad after that.

Now item isn’t new. This is based on of many recipes for macaroni rolls and I had my first one from a former midtown Manhattan automat called Bamn! That one was dry while this one is good and moist. Eating those things reminded me of that time at the automat but more in good strides. That’s all I got for this, a good tasty treat full of cheesy goodness now to figure out how they actually make one to call my own.


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