The Dubcek Rule

It’s an idea that has bothered me for the past few years and I finally came around to answer this once and for all. You all heard of the saying:

You’re never too old for anything.

Well “You’re never too old for anything” is bullshit at its worst. Because at that time, you’ll be too old to be doing anything anyway. Save enough money for that vacation, get a new car, or anything your young mind has set your eyes on. Come the time you’re ready to get it, it’s ether long gone, you have no love for it anymore or something has happened to you that just doesn’t make it worth it anymore. It reminded me of an episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun where Miss Dubcek the landlord of the Solomon’s comes up to Tommy and Harry who were setting up a lemonade stand and stated this little nugget:

“You know, when little kids sell lemonade, it’s cute. But when grown men sell lemonade, It’s CREEPY!  Quit selling lemonade! You’re creeping up the whole neighborhood!”

Today in life you can’t even sell lemonade anywhere even in your own neighborhood without the cops coming in and taking down over some obscure ordinance or something. This wasn’t just a sign of things to come, but of what’s been going on since by my best estimate, the 70’s when the hippies came into full bloom and the “me” decade of the 80’s changed the landscape that we all need to change but the ambitions of the young are trampled for new worries to make sure that we all suffer just the generation who screwed us over had. Folks the quote I just put up is what I would officially call: The Dubcek Rule. What is that rule? It’s simply a way of saying the opposite: You ARE too old for anything.

Want to go on the swings at a public park? Can’t do that anymore even when there are no children allowed. Want to enjoy all the savings and investments that you built up over the years when you reach retirement age? Can’t do that because you’ll be in for a new set of challenges with taxes, penalties, hell! even your own body will be against you by the time you get old to enjoy your new wealth by the time you’re 60. Unless you’re blessed genetically, you’re screwed. People wonder why the young of this century are so stupid, doing stupid things and rebelling against authority and all that but face the downsides of it from the people who do that now? Yeah. I wanted to point this out because we have reached to the point where many people actually believed that they’re too old when really it shouldn’t be.

If anyone who reads this blog has any thoughts, comment below.



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