How This Generation Would Lose in Music

I can start off this post by asking you this simple question for anyone born after 1950 and exempt those who appreciate songs we’ve left behind. My question is: Do you watch public television and I don’t mean public access television the CPB-types where you come across those comeback/classic/reunion concerts during their drives and they have the impression of still “having it” while they suck out $300-$400 out of your wallet? Well that last bit was irrelevant but the first part is. Famous people who define the generations and decades of the past come back and sing out the classics we all know and love. As we sway to and fro as much as our backs and hips can tolerate.

Well, here comes a terrifying thought of the present. With so much whining of the past masses of the method of todays music being total crap and the trend of creativity is geared more to being louder rather than smarter with their compositions. Artists rise and fall faster than those before the download era. Ever remember Jesse McCartney? The Backstreet Boys, N*Sync and many, many others? Hell Nikki Minaj doesn’t get a free ride off this ticking clock boat. The climate of the current music industry is ever more volatile than before and it does not show any signs of stopping. Needless to say that I both fear and ready with popcorn the day the kids of Generation Z and the Millennials would have to look forward to:

Popcorn: The Official food for Revenge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can say that its time to layout what this generation, not the one before and not the one after, will totally lose more in music. For with the current paradigm of get big fast.

1. Less Thinking! Get Louder!

In one article and research projects such as Columbia’s Million Song Dataset, the current trend of music as the industry sets it associates loudness with novelty as if it were the norm rather than what is wrong with the current trend of music in the first place. The baby boomers were the first, last and only generation that made anything of actual significance but as the years progressed on so did their motivation and faster than you can say “Wub!” that trend dies down fast. What’s left? Newer artists sounding more and more the same but getting louder and louder. I’m guessing that’s the way they do it to prevent the youngin’s from noticing and the parents from getting that “oh shit!” moment going on.

2. Hot Shit Today, Just Plain Shit Tomorrow

I don’t know how it goes back before 1980, but I’ve seen and heard many performances from bands that were really good back in the those times that came and gone faster than you’re faint knowledge today. Today the music industry will do anything to pump so much money into the newest thing that will make them more money at all costs. They find some obscure artist playing skint gigs at a back alley coffee shop somewhere in pigfuck, New Mexico, slap on some new duds, clean up their appearance and throw so much money at them for their works, it would be a gold mine when the fans eat that shit up.

Or to put it this way, what this video:

Very educational, no? One minute you’re the hottest shit around, appearing in movies, making morning show appearances, posing for teen mags, endorsing shitty products no one needs or wants and the next, you’re out and the next hot shit is in. My experience tells me that the rise and fall of a new commodity in music is 2 years at minimum. Unless you’re a unknown nobody that got famous from more popular fare, than its’ no less than that.

Case in Point
Case in Point

Go. To. Hell!

3. The Future… Is Empty and Bloated

This is what this article is about, thinking about the factors mentioned before and the stuff that hasn’t been factored in such as the wide variety of other media, YouTube, downloading both legal and illegal (and that rules supreme). Take all that and fast forward that too the wonderful world of…


What? That’s the best I got, but by that time, the last of the baby boomers have died out, any semblance of them are now just faint memories you can find on video files and artifacts, Generations X are at death’s door and the Y’s Z’s and Millenials are now the age the people at those donation drive concerts now appearing on public television singing it there all. What do we have? Just Scrillex, Minaj maybe and anyone who would bother if they can make a quick buck. Where are the rest that defines the past two decades?

Either they’re all gone from the game or overwhelmed at what the future has in store as the industry will burn out with the hottest things that can burn faster to a generation more malleable than water. And waiting in the wings would me a withering old me with my popcorn ready.

Best not to think that image.
Best not to think that image.

The future is the end of that peak and far past the beginning of the end of any source of great music for now it is deafening and more alike the stuff we dished out right now. At the same time those kids will look back at our stuff and tell us how much it would suck. Well congratulations, they’re no more guilty than what we face everyday. As the 2073 generation fights with ours I’ll be having my popcorn for the kids have nothing of value anymore to be called music anymore.


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