The Director’s Argument

This came to me months ago during an episode of Mythbusters when they recreate one of the most pivotal scenes from the movie Titanic.

No… not that one.

But of the ending where Jack and Rose have to share a large piece of driftwood as Jack makes his sacrifice as he sinks beneath the waves. Or could it? As Jamie and Adam proved that if they were positioned differently, both Jack and Rose would have easily survived rendering that entire scene unnecessary. But when they gave the reason to James Cameron, he has this to say (go to 12:21 to the point of this p0st):

This my friends is what I would like to call “The Director’s Argument” the type of reasoning where creativity and bankability always overrules reason and common sense and there’s no way for any critic, scientist or common movie-goer can do about it and it’s often becoming a serious problem because as many have said before as long as the money and influence comes rolling in, the director can get away with anything.

  • Something about space that doesn’t apply to real-world physics? Nope because the director says so.
  • Something in that movie is historically inaccurate even though it’s a steam-punk piece? Screw you because the director says so.
  • That line doesn’t make any sense or that character has nothing to do to drive home the plot? Well that’s probably the writer’s fault but if that writer is also the director, then you’re shit out of luck.

So thanks to that little video clip, it can easily explain why the director even in the post-studio system world of Hollywood still has power to make the world he/she fits and you can thank this man for it.

James Cameron speaking at 2010 TED Conference.
James Cameron speaking at 2010 TED Conference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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