Vodka, Dancing and Bagged Lunches: Part Three

Well if you’ve known it by now, this post is WAYYY late because I’m such a lazy bastard by now I would have vague memories of the last visits to Flavorpill‘s Lunch Break, The first at the Le Bain at the Standard Hotel which it was the first time I’ve been to that place and used their indoor pool. The next at Le Poisson Rouge which took me underground. Well, I came in and around back to the Le Bain for the last show featuring Peanut Butter Wolf. I was there on time but because of some confusion on when the floor gets open, a line already started to form and I ended up in the long back all the way up to the club floor.

Flavorpill Lunch Break 006

At first the place was starting to fill up when I got in and got my already worthless free vodka ticket. I was just in it to get myself re-acquainted with the indoor pool again already coming in with shorts to make it even easier to get my feet into the pool like last time. Also to note that I also put my camera in a baggie for the sole purpose to try it out underwater. It was just a matter of getting all the air out before submerging the camera underwater and so far I got this (this was the best out of five):

Flavorpill Lunch Break 013
The pool at the Le Bain through the wonders of baggie-vision!

The party starts and the normal things get going with some sweet tunes from the guest DJ spinning it up and everyone around me enjoying their free mixed vodka and sitting around at the mini pool while it was sitting still. I took the liberty of having that small point and shoot I had on loan and put it in a baggie because I was to damn cheap to get a waterproof case. But it worked and it got me to take great shots of what I got so far before the bubblejets kicked in.

Flavorpill Lunch Break 014
More baggie-vision photography!

Not bad shots for a view through a plastic bag. Well the people came in and get to see some very interesting people to the right of me and some to the left. I kind of shyed away from one woman who I failed to keep eye contact not because I was shy (well, I was for someone in my late-20’s… fuck!) but had a boyfriend with her and the last thing anyone needs is someone giving the wrong impression that I was coming onto her. I was prepared this time when I found the pool by wearing shorts and grabbing a towel and enjoy the one-hour show as I observed from the poolside all the various characters of lunch breaks past. Including some very… colorful characters like this guy:

Flavorpill Lunch Break 020

He looks like the kind of guy I envisioned from those Bermuda tourist brochures and clearly the star of the show. Seeing more people around dancing, sitting, talking to one another while I just see and enjoyed the music. I felt at the same place belonging to something yet not fitting in at all. One woman said she asked if she can take my photo if I had a Facebook page but I don’t so she didn’t. I’m not one for Facebook but with so many people being into it, now that I think about it, they are having more fun then you do.

Flavorpill Lunch Break 026
Happy partying bastards!

On well. It was half way into the party and things get real busy…

Flavorpill Lunch Break 040
The other star…

Afterwards before the show is over I realize something went terribly wrong for me. In my movement around the pool I ended up loosing my fake glasses and missed out on the lunch that served at the end of the party. I didn’t eat anything in anticipation for the bagged lunches that became part of the party’s namesake only to be deprived of one due to the past mistakes of distribution of the lunches. One had too little and the second had WAY too much now this one ran out before it even started. Leaving me hungry. Man that was depressing and the only solace I took was taking a piss in what could be the nicest looking bathroom in all Manhattan.

Flavorpill Lunch Break 050
It’s so nice, I want to live in it! Well not really…

Afterwards I came back down and headed home hungry, entertained and depressed at the same time. With that, this ends my trilogy of the lunch break series on a depressing note but hey at least I can look on the bright side of this tale of partying misadventure. At least I didn’t get to curse off the Flavorpill team for being inexplicable featured out the ass. Annnnnd I’m now depressed…


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