The Allegory of the Chinese Drive-Thru Lady

anden The greatest philosophical ideal of the 21st century doesn’t come from a prized philosopher, a well-educated scholar or the average Joe who writes for the Internet as much to the bile and chagrin of his readers. No. You won’t find that here. You would find it on the most unlikely of places: A cheesy, stupid, low-brow, turn of the century stoner comedy called Dude, Where’s My Car? When it comes to this little skit:

Long story short, if you keep asking you’ll earn an ass-kicking, but that’s not the key point of the bit. No it’s what the woman keeps on saying to get him so ticked-off in the first place. It’s the words “…And Then?” which if you look deep into what it means you can apply this to anyone who actually does something with their lives only to eventually get bitch-slapped and groin-kicked by the invisible cold hand of the world continuously offers to mere mortals like us.

Imagine if you will a typical guy and gal who has no ambition, no education no connections, well no anything that will make you interesting to other people and then one day you decide to not let other people get to you for their own shortcomings and you get off your ass and do something whether its minor or great that will change the world. However, when you reach that goal or success or means to better yourself, now what? That my friends is the core of what’s to come.

Think about it. You did all this work you thought you never achieved, you became who you are through your work, but did you really (and I mean really) did it for yourself for them or strictly for the benefit of other people? Now that you reach that level of being, you haven’t put much thought into what to do with it have you? But that creeping terrible thought haunts you long after you hit the apex of your new well-being and begin to self-doubt yourself that if you can really keep up this charade. Because the world demands an answer and that question is…

…Annnnnnd Theeeeeeeeen?

Yep! those two words will keep haunting you because you built everything up and have no damn clue what to do now because it demands an answer because you keep asking and so will it. It will make you frustrated, to so fucking angry you want to punch the first thing that comes your way. But that won’t help because that question still looms.

…Annnnnnd Theeeeeeeeen?

This is the heart of what I would like to call “The Allegory of the Chinese Drive-Thru Lady” The drive to better themselves or want something only to wonder after wanting it, then what? It will never stop and it will eventually piss you off!


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