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Credits: Unknown
Credits: Unknown

From: National Review Online (link below)

This is no figure, this is what’s going on in the world today when it comes to why there’s so many people are out of work. As you already read from my last article about what the unemployed had to go through, this article shows a deeper side to what the case maybe. Many companies are hurting not just for the cost of starting them up in this economy but the lack of good qualified people to fill them. And none of the industries are none the more hurting than the people of the manufacturing sector.

The problem is with the cultural shift that many young people who were born between the 70’s and 80’s have fell to the idea that if they go for higher education they’ll get into jobs that are worth it. The reality is that it’s not working out well as planned as more people are going for jobs that have less practical value because that’s where the money and fame is rather than going for jobs that do things that people need.

You can pretty much blame the ambitions of Hollywood, teachers, college and the people of the last generation who had to work at those jobs to put food on the table wanting better for their kids without realizing that things have changed in a time of globalization. Now we have too many people without marketable skills looking for work that doesn’t exist and companies that need stuff being made deprived of workers because of the stigmatization of workers seeing this as demeaning and not worth anything they put their time and money on despite being more complicated than before.

It has gotten less dangerous but they still don’t see it being worth it. That is not much to say for the companies who want these workers but like them, also fall for the trap of the “credentials” myth. It’s a double-edge sword, without them you can’t get a job but with them you can’t either when so many people also have one. This really needs to stop if you and they want to make it anywhere in the world. Mind you I’m for one am one of the unemployed who wants a job that doesn’t involve manufacturing but for reasons that concern my mental stability couldn’t take it, maybe.

I wanted to aim for a job that deals with media and the government because while I been spending time in college earning a degree in Media Studies after having a job with the Parks Department dealing with multiple tasks and dealing with students from Columbia University on filming in city property which makes me wish for a position for the Mayor’s office. But it’s going to be a long way before that ever happens.


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