I Got My Balls!

Buckyballs (Photo credit: Jared Wong)

If you remember this article a long time ago, the CPSC has issued a stop to the makers of the once popular desk toy Buckyballs because of the few cases of kids having their insides torn up by the super strong magnets despite all of the warnings they print on the box, on the site an even on their own guides. Idiots call for the government to shut them down and won.

In a mad rush I wanted to get my set from a retailer but learned they don’t supply the long box and it made me gain doubts if they even have the actual authentic balls. So I actually got them from Buckyballs.com themselves. Sure it was a pain in the ass for the cost, even more to get better deals after making the purchase but in the end…

…I got my balls! and they are nice too. A 216 blue-green set and have been playing them now and then. The hard part was simply making them back into a cube. I can still get the other buckyballs from the other retailer but getting it with the longbox was worth it.


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