The Five Best (so far) of Factuary 2

Well if you watched the five selected videos of the last post. Check back there and come back for this next post. This is the five best so far of Factuary… part 2. I really liked the show but as for now there haven’t been any new episodes with new topics that cover common culture.

1. MIA – Why She Is Always Pissed-Off?
If anything, if you’re wondering why MIA is notable more for “Born Free” and her symbolism with her with the flag of the Tamil tigers. Well now you know. Also I learned a new term: Divide and Rule and Tacos!

2. Fifty Shades of Grey

Warning! Jumping images ahead!

All those erotic readings make sense now. And it still doesn’t make me feel good about it. But it really shows that if you’re a social failure that can make badly written shit up like this on the Internet and succeed, you can do anything! (I’ve Never be punched!) As for Gore Vidal’s quote, you can make that argument with cooks from chefs.

3. Olympics: Yachting and Race Walking Are Sports

Still being sore that I’m born and raised in the city that didn’t get picked for the 2012 bid. This overview of how sports get into the Olympics is a long-standing history of old, rich euro-centric people and nationalism. Also the idea of how race walking works is a really good idea. If you’re race walking just do that, pretend like you’re holding in a poop. Also yay Korfball!

4. The History of Canada‘s Independence

Warning! Jumping images ahead!

Well whether you call them mama’s boys or just plain assholes under the guise of being kind and polite. This is the story of how they became independent. Though Guy’s last line of who is the real winner, I say we still do as Americans because that line is a statement to prove that guns and violence gets things done faster. Because while the U.S. is independent, Canada still answers to the queen while being a parliamentary democracy.  And they still owe us an apology for Justin Beiber.

5. Tupac Shakur vs Notorious B.I.G.

From diss tracks to the biggest unsolved cases in U.S. History the story of the murders of Biggie and Tupac tends to go far and how the Media and the public sees it. Also Tupac at Coachella? Well they won’t make money as a hologram as the company behind that is now bankrupt.


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