The Five Best (so far) of Factuary

1. Evolution of the Hipster

This explains much about where it all comes from but doesn’t explain where all this hate originates from. Much like the unexplained hatred of disco or Nickelback.

2. Does the Illuminati Actually Exist?

Maybe that will shut those conspiracy nuts up? It was just a bunch of smart-asses that got too big for their britches and got banned by people who weren’t into that smart-guy club thing only to hide and shape the world as we know it. THE END. OR IS IT?

3. What Do Feminists Have Left?

  1. Well the argument on the equal pay is really on the type of job they’re doing NOT not because of their value at work. Hell, they’re still throwing the argument of the day that women be as strong and able-bodied as males, the equal pay issue isn’t going to happen when the men come around and scream foul. And I can easily say it’s the generation that pushes todays youth to go for jobs other than what per-determined roles the last generation had going for them. People believe it’s not their place to go into nursing unless you like that sort of thing. Oh and Hulk and She-hulk, I don’t know if you can use that as an actual example when you consider how much they earn as both a Nuclear Scientist versus A Lawyer and mind you one of them is fugitive.
  2. This can be the argument of why men are so pissed off at women in the first place. On the male side, well reason for that is because it makes men feel funny and doesn’t have the same sting when they make jokes about men getting raped., we’re walking double standards of the worst caliber.
  3. Don’t blame to chooch, blame the government’s modus operandi of taking money from fellow Americans and throwing it into things that subconsciously would never want to pay for in the free market. And thanks to state to federal regulations putting the gun to our heads to comply to the new standards. So what do we do, we blame the represented in that act instead of the politicians, religious leaders and pundits who got us into this mess forcing us to ultimately turn our hated against them.
  4. This is why workers often hate putting health care coverage for some women use for their… cooter they don’t approve, it’s why health-craze douche bags get into government matters to restrict stuff that tastes good to us over insurance premiums. It’s what normal people have to blame because they’re not the ones having the power to take away our business, paychecks or throw us in jail for non-compliance.
  5. I thought people were smarter than that to know the difference. And no, I don’t even know what women do during sex either.
  6. Media, I can agree with this and boy-howdy they couldn’t be more right. However I do have issues with the Bechdel test. Does the film fail if they do that consistently or is it a “one strike and you’re out” deal? And what about cases if the two women not talk about a man but “manly” things or talk about a man in a way that doesn’t demean them or the general argument?

Take note people, there are arguments against this video as well and they are just as convoluted.

4. The History of Luxembourg

Learn from (from his perspective) how this little country became a nation. Yes, it’s a nation. it even has its own language.

5. Batman Movies Through The Ages

The evolution of the Dark Knight from comic superhero to major icon, even through a period of bright colors and nipples on bat-costumes.


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