Microsoft Lulz: Do Amazing Things

Now you may not notice this but Microsoft back in the earlier days of the last decade had huge set-ups in parks and open city spaces where you can actually try out the new (back then) Windows XP. Also they hand out CD/DVD packs that help you expand on your experience on getting what many have considered the best window operating system since 95. The disks contained music from a now defunct company-invented band called “Press the Green Button” made as a tie-in to windows XP media center edition and a series of videos called “Do Amazing Things”.

All a series of promotions and demos of the power of Windows XP through bad acting and awkward characters. You’ll see what I mean with these next five videos.

Well we enter this piece of two girls going into the party hosted by this dick who invites the most terribly stereotypical DJ you can find. BTW hearing that stuff Klaus is playing is nothing short of what you can find stuff played by Crystal Method, Moby and Chemical Brothers in their early days. But nope nothing can bring the crowd together dancing around like the sounds of a contemporary Christian pop group*. Yeah the music saved the day but the dancing still sucks, just like you see in ever TV scene you see with dancing. BTW did you see the mp3 earlier in the video? This was before the iPod grew in the market and jumped in the windows platform.

Today those players still exist even when iPods today now rule the world.

This one shows what you can do with exchanging photos and text over with email as they compete who can one up each other. Today you can do this much easier. Cloud services like Dropbox, or Microsoft Skydrive can exchange photos faster and easier. Digital cameras are no longer bulkier and their competitive acts can now be done live over at skype or the software that powers livestream, ustream and justintv. My biggest irk is with all that wasted sandwich :(.

Also what made me choose this video? Well is it me or does that guy look like Jon “Napoleon Dynamite” Heder? My god, it is him isn’t it? Even his frustrated grunt sounded too much like Napoleon when he does his phrases.

In this triple whammy of videos in the third entry depicts the elderly in the most outrageous situations just to show that other people than the tech savvy and IT pros can enjoy the technological age of their computers. Too bad the people who thought this up didn’t know what they word “normal” actually means. The first one clearly shows that crazy cat ladies are a dime a dozen but crazy dog ladies? That’s something totally new all together and the second video… Wow. words escape me but then again the depiction of old people doing things out of the norm is the norm. But wow! Also the stunts, they weren’t even trying to hide the real skaters behind this, I mean you can see their faces!

Today, digital cameras and even smart phones can do what a camcorder can do and hell you can even edit in the cameras. Also, Movie Maker 2 is succeeded by Live Movie Maker and soon that will be gone too in favor of more better movie maker software. Oh and send a CD without proper postage, yeah, that would fly. The final video talks about networking in which thanks to wireless printers and peripherals. First off, you! Guy who “wrote the book computers” shut the fuck up asshole okay! Now in the second half of the video this is normally how customer service should work. Also yeah like you need college education to tell someone of a loose parallel printer cable.

In the final part of that video we re-visit this self-righteous asshole again screwing with the computer and deleting key files. First off how did he do that? And can someone please get him away before I punch this fucker in the throat!

Video #4 everything you need to know about remote desktops, video conferencing and playing DVD’s For the first half you can still do it but teamviewer does it better, video conferencing? Skype. Nuff said and the DVD’s geez, it reminds me of my earlier days before I got my ipod. During my travels and trips I carried over 20 CD’s with me both the full albums or the mixes I burned myself. You can now rip DVD’s (with more manageable software) or stream the movies without wasting space on your hard drive. Also… Lady, I’ll let you watch the movie if you just pleeeeeease just shut up.

Our final video and the last of this two-part entry features a family sharing one computer as each of them do separate tasks. I’ll go by them one by one. Janet she’s using IE6 to find a dirt bike, today Firefox and chrome can do better and sync those choices. Nancy also uses IE6, again Firefox and/or chrome can do better. TJ, soccer? really? Also DNS services can do the job without even messing with the privacy settings. And no one goes to the site to check up on the privacy policy, they just go to the site. Finally Vernon. assuming it was Ebay, he would be lucky that he even gets that clock without a bot getting in the way. And with that I end this entry. Now that you see that back in those days talking about windows, while still awkward doesn’t go into secret salesman territory.




*I did some careful looking at the first video and thought this was a made-up band made for the purpose of this short but nope. They… well used to exist and the name of the band featured is Jump5 – Summer Song.


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