Stuffed Travelogues

Have you been wishing to go on that vacation to that far-away place for a long time but your shitty paycheck and the bills and the fact you know little-to-nothing about overseas travel got you down? Well you’re in luck! There are now services out there that can let you go where you want to go… through the eyes of your stuffed toy. Barcelona Toy Travel is the place to be that for a reasonable price (in euros) you can send your favorite toy to the beautiful city of Barcelona and get back all the pictures of your favorite toy’s experience. Which frankly a simple “Shop-Job” can do much better.

And where exactly does the money these suck— I mean well-meaning customers paid for go to all of this? Surely there has to be overhead and hoping that this isn’t a two-bit operation that surely doesn’t keep all the money to themselves… right?


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