Blk.: The Water


First things first:

  • This is not an endorsement, it’s an observation/review of the product
  • I tend to get things that pull my interest
  • I’m not getting paid for this, so I can say whatever the hell I want!

Now that we got that out of the way, Blk.

Blk Portrait 6

It’s water, I’m not kidding, it’s not fruit-infused, it’s not ultra-fancy, it’s water, BLACK water. I thought this gimmick because it was just ordinary water in a black bottle but nope, it’s clear the water is really black! From the moment I saw it in the cold drinks section of a Duane Reade in Midtown and it’s always those places that sell the unusual stuff, you can never find it at any of the other Duane Reades, Wallgreens or CVS’s of the city. I was pulled in by the attractiveness of content and the design and decided to get one. I thought it better be worth the $2.88 I threw into this.

There’s two things I want to know about this water. One is how do they get away with this? But then again with black burger buns and blackened everything why not the most vital substance on the planet? and two why? To know first hand I need to know what the products first hand attribute is: Fulvic Trace Minerals which by far the only source of what they are is here. When I added the stuff to my usual cup of ice this the color it came out:

Here’s the strange property of this stuff. If you face it against an LCD or fluorescent light, it does come out like a coke-colored shade of brown but when under a halogen lamp or other source it actually looks purplish blue. Then came the moment of truth I tasted the stuff. Now as it says on the bottle “Fresh Water Taste, Maximum Benefits”. Well it couldn’t be further from the truth as it tastes like…

…Water. Just actual water there is some heaviness to it but that’s all that it is. Hell! I can throw in food coloring into normal filtered water to get the same effect. So far I had no feeling into this but that’s what you get in the end and nothing more. I was even expecting a smell but nope it’s pretty much what you can get with black water. And as a surprise, when you’re finished with the bottle there’s a message on it in black that says “Enjoy the Dark Side”. Cute. In conclusion that this product hasn’t been put through its paces yet but I think people might be turned off by the look rather than the benefits.



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