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Flavorpill Lunch Break - Molecule 093

You know that if you live in New York chances are you have already made the claim that the water here is the best and the other can eat it.  I would know because I tasted the waters outside in Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia and they taste range goes from strange to awful no matter what condition it came in, event the shower water was bad. Boston is what came close to par when it comes to good-tasting water if you leave the city. But I guess that is what to be expected if you were born and raised with the type of water your only have to deal with.

But as you already know, there is already talk about the environment effecting our drinking water, BPA scares, bacteria and viruses and other stuff including the conspiracy nuts that deal with the idea of fluoride in our water effecting our minds and stuff. Well that’s where the water industry is there to save you. Selling everything to filters to water bottles that cleanse your soul and well-being despite this little tidbit from your “biased as fuck” friends of ours Penn & Teller…

You hear this all over and you really want to stop. Hey remember Oxygen bars? those were the places that were set up in the city many years ago where people gather around and for a fee suck up pure oxygen from a tank and tubes up the nose, extra if you want it with scent. I was too young to legally enjoy it but today a new brand new generation of free-for-pay source: Water. Enter The Molecule Project. Right off the bat when you go to their store you see this claim about what they have in their water.

Flavorpill Lunch Break - Molecule 092

Not so much as the clear advertising that should indicate the promise of clean fresh water that comes from a reliable source. You would expect that right? No. Like the video above, the water does come from a municipal source here in the city but at least their honest of how they take that water and run in through their ultra filtering system in the store.

Flavorpill Lunch Break - Molecule 094

Now when I asked for water from this place, they don’t give it to your already packaged in plastic bottles, but in a ready to fill glass bottle since glass doesn’t tend to contaminate or degrade overtime effecting the contents inside. As seen there and along with their pricing of what that place charges you for something you get out of the tap for free. I didn’t ask for anything special but for the basic type which costs $2.50 for that reusable glass bottle that size. Now here is what I would think would drive me into suspicion about how they do business.

Flavorpill Lunch Break - Molecule 095

Flavorpill Lunch Break - Molecule 097

You have this freaking huge water supply full of the pure water you’re selling back to us (of course that water is free and maintained at a cost thanks to fees and taxes) and you fill the perfectly un-tamperproofed glass bottles around the back of the tank?! I’m sorry but if I want that water, I would feel more easy actually seeing the filling of that water in front of me rather than sneaky trying to do it out of view of me. Anyway I got my water and being a seasoned user of the tap I can barely tell the difference. So with those two bottles, I got charged $5 and headed on my way. The bottles looked nice and come to think of it that is what they charge for, kind to think about it, it’s not really about the water is it?

Flavorpill Lunch Break - Molecule 099

It’s mostly everything that goes around the giant filtering machine, the bottles, flavouring on the side of the wall and upkeep to hold that place afloat. And despite what the video says tap water isn’t all that great in the long run otherwise people wouldn’t buy filters. I have and use them myself all the way through that is until they run out far quicker than their expected capacity, then you know that water isn’t as clean as you thought it would be. Hell the guy who was running the place gave me information of a EPA study that says the water here isn’t all that grey which I hope to support if I hadn’t lost that damn link. It kind of presents a challenge to me of where you can get good tap water in NYC. The claim is New York has the best water anywhere. But where in NYC can you actually get it? Is it from our parks? The office wall-mounted fountains? the tap from Chinatown or the other far in Rockaway Beach? I present the challenge what area in NYC were you can get this so-called best water and then you can say we have the best.

Boy I feel like I’m leaving this entry on sort of empty note here… Well that’s all I got; I mean this was taken back in mid-August and I’ve been busy *cough lazy* in making the past entries that I’ve been backlogged for weeks.


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