Vodka, Dancing and Bagged Lunches: Part Two

If you know about the last report on my first visit to the Standard Hotel and so far it has been a bit of a blast in what was a really rainy day. Well here comes part two of this report of the three Lunch Break events that Flavorpill was hosting back in early August well better times came ahead when I came in for part two of their Lunch Break series this time at a different location, Le Poisson Rouge. Located just below Washington Square park.

Flavorpill Lunch Break - Molecule 002

As usual I stood around early online with a few people ahead of me because well… I can! Looking around the neighbourhood and the advanced knowledge of what the place looks like by google maps/earth. It’s strange that a hot location where people dance their asses off in the near dark be next to a CVS. Soon enough after an hour of waiting in line, the people behind me start to build up until come close to opening time, the staff comes up to stamp our hands and gives more of the tickets to offer us again those awful vodka-laced drinks. This time when I was downstairs to ask if the tickets are good for something else, it was not possible.

Flavorpill Lunch Break - Molecule 005

Before the entry the film crew came out and start to take a few shots. I know that they won’t get a good view of the people standing in line but I know I did and I didn’t need their permission to get the shot so I was on my way inside and noticed a metal bucket full of the same empty-lensed glasses that they gave out during the last party but this time some glowing sticks. I didn’t take because I thought it was part of the décor and didn’t want to take it. But then found out that they where giving these out by the hundreds to everyone who wanted them, Managed to get three to keep and they were fun for the set up.

Flavorpill Lunch Break - Molecule 011

The place was big enough to fit everyone who can come in and party as everything getting set up and the bar. Didn’t get to talk much with anyone but felt that aching feeling that if nothing good comes up I was up and ready to go faster than I did coming in as the bartenders serve the patrons one by one in the still lit room.

Flavorpill Lunch Break - Molecule 020

The lights go down, the guest DJ Michna from Ghostly International starts turning the laptop turntables and the party begins…

Flavorpill Lunch Break - Molecule 034

Flavorpill Lunch Break - Molecule 040

Flavorpill Lunch Break - Molecule 041

Flavorpill Lunch Break - Molecule 042

Flavorpill Lunch Break - Molecule 043

Flavorpill Lunch Break - Molecule 045

Flavorpill Lunch Break - Molecule 055

The hour was up, and it was time to go to pick up the lunches. This time was a special setup provided by the people of fearless chocolate, all set up on a large platter for everyone to pick and eat. But this wasn’t just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill chocolate no. it’s SUPER Chocolate. Really tasty but strange for that form of organic chocolate, sorry for the blurry image but this is what I got so far.

Flavorpill Lunch Break - Molecule 077

Afterwards, I got the lunch that consists of the following…

Flavorpill Lunch Break - Molecule 082

I got to say that the sandwich is much better than the last kind maybe it’s because it came from the place where they are made called the Jam Stand. Brooklyn’s answer for Manhattan’s Peanut Butter and Co. Here’s the thing, they would expect a lot of people to get these lunches but there wasn’t I saw one girl made off with ten of those lunches on her way out and many more grabbing all that they can. I should have done the same and be secure for the whole week! Well I said my goodbyes to familiar faces and left on my way to the Molecule Water Cafe (which is in the following post before) and get ready for the following and last party of the series.

OH! I almost forgot, this.

I’m in a split second around the 8 or 9 second mark…


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