Kate Bush – Deeper Understanding (2011 Version)

This was a case of one leading to another. At first it was from Everything is Terrible that user DeeprUnderstanding posted videos that have this at the end of its video, that leads to a comment heading to the video you now see above. I listened to the original 1989 version and both are great though I like the vocoder chorus in the 2011 video better. But strangely, it’s a commentary of our soon-to-be internet culture, alienating others and distancing ourselves from real human contact in favor of that “little black box”, well Kate is wrong in that aspect. we now have either silver and white boxes (Macs) and a multitude of colors including black (PC’s). And this was back in the 80’s before the internet really took off.

The highlights of the video watching Robbie Coltrane getting hit by a water balloon in slow motion and strangling Noel Fielding at the end :P.


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