The Buckyball Recall

I just recently found out in all places at a “quick fix” article on and as stupid as it is, I am shocked to find out that buckyballs, the most popular magnetic desk toy is being recalled from retailers because of what the CSPC claims causes severe injuries when swallowed by small children. You know, these things:

And they’re getting or already being pulled off shelves after, how much? 28? confirmed cases and they sold nearly half a billion of these? I even watched the heart-breaking story of a child now having to be fed through a catheter because when the kid swallowed them they connected in his small intestine causing serious internal damage. Here is what my problem with this. Despite these incidents the company had painstakingly placed warning labels all over the place on their products and the commission still doesn’t think is not enough and is calling for the total ban of the product. The earliest news of this event was back on the 27th of this month so it might be too late to get them now.

However you can still get them online and I’m hoping to get them before some of the best colors go out. But that’s not the point, remember that story I told you earlier about the parents of the child who had to have surgery for them? Well this is the part where it gets not cool and this is a case of common sense going straight out the window. The parents had the balls before they had the child and according to the news report “they thought they were safe”.

Gets worse from here folks when they say as the final message that it shouldn’t be in anyone’s hands. Gee, maybe it shouldn’t be in their hands when they had the kid in the first place. This is just plan stupid. There’s no message saying that it’s their fault and should use this as an example to practice safer parenting. No. The message we get is: Don’t buy buckyballs if you don’t want this to happen to your child. And this is not just small children but teenagers, really stupid teenagers who do things they shouldn’t have done with buckyballs in the first place like oh… using them as fake tongue piercings. I really hate this and already some retailers are pulling these off not because of the claim that they’re doing this on their own, it’s because when idiots get the government involved, retailers get scared shitless of incoming lawsuits their companies can’t cover.

The company that makes these things are already launching a campaign cleverly titled Save our Balls and already you can see that their site is littered with warnings telling people who it’s totally not a toy! Take a look at this again:

To anyone with a child do you actually believe that this is something that was meant to be for children when there are clearly warning labels all over the lace for you to read and understand. Companies all over who actually care about their customers do these things to make it easier to get the ideas like “Hey, you really shouldn’t stick that in there.” or “That’s not a really good idea to put it in your mouth!” but no that’s not enough, that’s never enough when the government steps in and uses cases like the ones above to be used as their weapon.

In response to this I have been in a rush for getting these things myself. I’m working over my finances to get my set of buckyballs from boxytech before they go, Thinkgeek already has pulled them off and honestly, I’ve been meaning to get them for a long time but they were too expensive for something in such small quantity. But with boxy, I can get them for $15 less. I know a lot of fans of the product is up against this and I seriously commend them for it. The problem is that it would go on deaf ears with the government. The only lesson people will get out of the recall is no matter how many warnings the makers put on their products, no matter how much public outcry for common sense demands that the CPSC backs off and concentrate on more realistic threats to public safety, the result will always remain the same: The careless, stupid and outright irresponsible always win.


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