The Lunch Break Cinemagraphs

Well I found this out from an episode of Tekzilla that talks about the new visual phenomenon of Cinemagraphs. They are gif images of actual video that are isolated to make it look like a living photograph. So far, there has been no program or tutorial in how to make these amazing pieces until Microsoft came along and gave us cliplets. This piece of software takes videos and makes lets you mask the isolated fields in order to make these moving images. With the weeks that followed of Flavorpill‘s lunch break series, I have taken some videos and actually made some good moving GIF’s of them. Here are some from the first party…

I didn’t really like the punch on first taste, but considering that the party is sponsored by none other than Absoult vodka it wasn’t a surprise. There’s not enough juice and ginger ale in that bowl to mask the taste of hard liqueur.

Spoiler alert: It’s the fucking disco ball.

This is the first shot of the pool at the Le Bain (which I’ll discuss at the third and final part). This is the closest I’ll get to a “rooftop” pool.

This is my most elaborate picture since it involves two masks for this shot. The woman holding the glass is the girl who stepped in too far in the pool. Amazing all this while it’s raining outside.

Here are some shots from last week’s party at the La Poisson Rouge which is an underground affair. Therefore, flashy stuff! More heavy dancing sounds with bass so deep it keeps hitting you in the chest like someone’s pushing you hard over and over.

They where handing out hundreds of these along with lunches and “super chocolate” from Fearless chocolate (not shown, yet).

More flashy stuff. Like I said before, they were handing these out like candies.

I’ll update this post when I find some good stuff from the third and final party of the month. But so far this is what the software gave me and I can say the results can use improvement but I really love how they came out after all. But still need improvement, or better shots and holding the damn camera up right or stabilize.


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