Vodka, Dancing and Bagged Lunches: Part One

Flavorpill Lunch Break - August 10 063

It was something I just stumbled on through Tumblr last week and it’s something that I might want to get in on. There’s this site called flavorpill that is hosting these events through following Fridays in August. This event is called “Lunch Break” And it’s a special event that seems to happen just for this month and I was there at the first party at the Le Bain, a small venue at the eighteenth floor of the Standard Hotel in New York.

Flavorpill Lunch Break - August 10 025

According to them the whole one-hour lunch break dance party was a trend that started out in Sweden and it as eventually ended up here. It was a really good thing to RSVP early and show up on time go get to the event. When I arrived at the Standard it was a really neat place, with its strange architecture and surreal atmosphere I really feel that alien-like vibe coming here. Especially when it’s the same hotel that made infamy from reports of its guests mooning the people below on the High Line because management encourage them to.

Flavorpill Lunch Break - August 10 024

After grabbing some free lens-less glasses the music played and the party begins. Arriving at the Le Bain it was a classy setup, with black tiling, disco balls, a good staff on hand and many, many bottles of booze on the wall. It was really dizzying being up so high and in a party surrounded by complete strangers who dance like idiots to bass-pounding music that makes you get a minor chest pains if exposed for too long.

Flavorpill Lunch Break - August 10 028

Idiots that are having way better fun than I am, I envy them but can’t blame them for they got better lives. But that was all made up when I came across a swimming pool!

Flavorpill Lunch Break - August 10 035

A swimming pool! and feeling in the mood I sat by and dipped my feet in with others who did the same while the pounding music played and enjoyed myself for the rest of the hour while the warm water and powerful bubble jets get my aching feet relaxed the rest of the way. The girl sitting to the right of me was the reason I got in, rolled-up my pants and jumped right in. The highlight is when the girl who thought the mini-pool was four feet deep. I thought it was too until I figured it was for a short edge until she fell into the deeper part. I laughed and held her arm to stop her from falling in too far and the rest of the party went with me enjoying and her getting a towel to dry off.

Meanwhile the view was great…

Flavorpill Lunch Break - August 10 031

Flavorpill Lunch Break - August 10 050

Flavorpill Lunch Break - August 10 056

Flavorpill Lunch Break - August 10 057

…Even close by. Well it was an hour and the party is over. Though I still had my free drink ticket the drink offer would still go on right? Well no. But I managed to get one anyway thanks to my appearance and new black pineapple Hawaiian shirt. There I went up to the rooftop and get my bagged lunch that’s waiting out there for everyone who managed to get in.

Flavorpill Lunch Break - August 10 062

I mean hey, that’s what it’s all about, I mean what’s a lunch break party without actual lunch? Upstairs the lunches are ready and I grabbed one and enjoyed it at the outside ambiance of the rooftop. So to those who weren’t in and wondering, what does this “lunch” consist of?

Flavorpill Lunch Break - August 10 059

I didn’t go for the nut bar but the sandwich was great on its artistan-like bread. The drink you see to the left is the stuff the ticket covered. A Absolut mandarin punch. Made up of Ginger Ale, Cranberry and Pineapple juices with a hit of Absolut mandarin. Let me tell you something, when it comes to vodka, no amount of juice can cover the hard hit of liquor. It was a hard thing to swallow down but I can’t waste it so I suck it up and swallowed it down.

Flavorpill Lunch Break - August 10 069

At the end, I grabbed another bag lunch and called it a day as I head myself the way home. Got enough photos to chronicle the story and still trying to get the aftereffects of the alcohol going through me. That’s all I got on this layout on the first of three lunch breaks. I’ll talk more next week at my visit from the high-rise to the underground at the La Poisson Rouge. Oh! There’s video of the show too and I’m in it yay! Well around 00:15, 00:25, 00:51 and 00:56, I’m the guy in the black Hawaiian pineapple shirt and hat.

Those filming bastards…


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