She Can’t Be For Real!

I’m really sorry that I capped this on top of my opening ceremony post but this was too much to pass up. Don’t worry, I will post my latest featured story soon but I want to get this out of the way. When I saw this video, at first I believed it fake because there are rabid fans and then there is this woman. Words cannot describe what she is saying to the point that it only reinforces the stereotype of the ‘obsessed loser’ who interacts and critiques on things that there’s no way in hell she would ever meet or interact with.

And I got to say from the looks of things, she’s scary especially in this…

Do I really need to get started on this? I mean sure a lot of people get excited and all fanboy/girl like and crap but after looking at this? Lady, you need some serious help. I don’t care if this is questionable or not, she needs help fast or more so, a Life! By the way, she must be bulletproof for no matter how many people tell her to get over it from youtubers to the major media, she still lets this go on.


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