Pictures vs. Reality: The Original Slider w/ Egg & Cheese

You seen it already on the web. Pictures of food presented at fast food joints that are so incredibly good, you would kill to have that is displayed on the biggest resolution. But then you actually get the food you so craved for and it looks like shit! And trust me, it happens every single time. Take for the latest example, White Castle. There is no telling how much I love eating their small and cheap burgers, even their double cheeseburgers with extra cheese YUMMM! And then comes this:

The original slider w/ egg and cheese. I can’t say that they’re jumping into the trend of throwing eggs into anything these days. I was interested in trying out one for a while but I was too lazy to get around it. But came the day I got it and all I can say is… I nearly got a heart attack just looking at it and on the day I forgot to bring my camera to document it all. It was a total mess of a burger the container that normally holds it sucked up only a quarter of the oil that was still dripping off the burger before having to eat the thing. It was nothing but oil and a busted yoke slapped in the burger. I felt it was going to fall apart and burn in my hand it was so bad I swear not to ask for another again.

But I did, this time with camera in hand and got this to show to the world:

Now tell me, is this really something you really want to take a bite out of after being in that trance of a good burger with egg in it?


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