Ubuntu month and this story…

I have known Ubuntu for years now as one of the most popular Linux distros on the net and I have from time to time came on and off of it again with little interest. But since early June, I’ve installed Ubuntu 12.04 via Virtualbox and so far after a few installs and removals, I get the OS to work to my liking and so far it has been really good. So far:


  • Software Center
  • Alternate but well-working open-source programs
  • Linux Miro works way better than Windows Miro
  • Friendly in syncing


  • Removing programs via ppa
  • Anything that has to do with working the terminal
  • Mounting a shared folder through Virtualbox

But that’s what I got so far and it still makes for a really great system to work on on windows. However you won’t believe the amount of videos and opinions on how much they claim that it isn’t good, the so-called “Linux sucks” crowd. To me I believe that they’re wrong and the attitudes they display are not helping their case. Yes there are many distros out there but if you want to pin down to the best my recommendations are clear:

  • Most Popular: Ubuntu or Linux Mint
  • Lightest: Puppy Linux

That’s all you really need to work with it. Also theres WINE a windows emulator where you can run windows applications on Linux without issues, I did well with it with Webmon which is to me is a invaluable program to work with. And also Truecrypt and Dropbox which I use for the images I collect on the web each day. Anyway Ubuntu is great and I’m considering it as a lifeboat OS in case my windows does fail and I need to get the files out.

On the other side of the news I came across a story from 2011 out a Linux hater on YouTube in a twisted attempt to gain the side of getting users to go back to windows or mac and leave Linux in the dust. On a girl who had to drop out of college because of the computer she got online had Ubuntu on it and can’t get to windows. Let the story speak for itself.

I am siding with everyone (including the ones who are slinging insults at her) with complete livid disdain. I can see the reasons behind where this story has gone wrong:

  • She bought over-the-phone a $1100 laptop. that is not the news calls “bread-and-butter” machine. That is a machine suited for people who are heavy with multimedia.
  • I see that the operator is an idiot to give her Ubuntu and not tell her if it’s really for her to work with. Also just because it’s so popular with college students doesn’t mean it’s the be-all end all of OS’s he should have gave her a windows laptop.
  • Her complaints of saying that the Internet doesn’t work on it can easily be fixed, Microsoft Office can be dealt with in two ways, Installing WINE and installing Office into it or Using OpenOffice which is included in the OS which works just fine and to me they’re making it sound like it was a bad thing or they never heard of such a thing such as a “Free Office Suite”.
  • I see that she uses Verizon to connect to the Internet. Well I just learned that you actually can install the main software called the “VZE Access Manager” into linux or you can actually connect directly without using the Verizon software at all.

Then here’s the follow-up

Let’s forget about the whole Linux vs. Mac/PC debate on this story and layout what went really wrong on this woman’s mind that got her into this mess in the first place. Why didn’t she call the school with this problem after the fact? for MATC, they would have experience with Linux to help her through this in order to get her computer to work? You think for a technical college they would know this. If her main purpose of getting a laptop is just for the online courses then you don’t need a $1100 machine! Get a base model for no more than $500 at best! Considering she had to do it over the phone the alternate thing is… oh what’s that word… RETAIL!!!

The girl could have just drive to the nearest Best Buy and get a laptop for just that less. Hell, there here right now. The lesson she should have learned is not to take the total word of a operator when ordering something and/or shilling a few extra bucks for a Windows 7 OS disk and doing the installation herself which is no more hard than installing a lightweight program. Also when it comes to computers and the news there are somethings that are worthy:

  • Dangerous virus attacks that effect worldwide systems – Newsworthy
  • Computer scams and what to do to stop or slow it down – Newsworthy
  • Discussions on tech news or stuff like that – Newsworthy
  • Scammed repair schemes – Newsworthy under consumer protection stories
  • Someone not having foresight and research in simply buying a computer and dropping out of a questionable online college course because of it instead of doing the aforementioned suggestions above – NOT FUCKING NEWSWORHTY!!!

I wrote this under “Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” because it doesn’t make me as a trial runner look good, it doesn’t make the Linux community do any better because of the stigma stemming from it and it REALLY doesn’t do the girl any good to be the source of negative attention many including me fondly deserve. Also the version was around 11 I think, that computer expert’s ideal of saying Ubuntu is not for everyone if you’re not doing the research or into tinkering. I would say that’s half true if you’re not into heavy tinkering because as of 2012 and not 2011 where this story has aired it has changed since then.

I’ll always be a Windows guy but so far in this trial, Linux will be my best “wingman” and as for this story, she should really know better when buying a computer and spare herself the money and embarrassment the community and the Internet as a whole can dish out.


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