How Times Square Became A Strip Mall

I haven’t noticed much myself but then I didn’t really care because I feel more safer going around Times Square today then I would back in the 1990’s. In fact, it was the only time I ever watched a movie outside of Queens, and it was Armageddon. I knew what Times Square looked like before the wave of gentrification swooped in and changed everything that made it what it is.
Then you have those people who argue (and albeit not even been to Times Square) to say it’s a good thing, I would side with them had they actually been to NYC. I can say that other cities aren’t doing as good, Baltimore for one… Places that make New York City what it is is changing to those who have the deeper pockets because in their minds the original people who worked and live there can’t fit the bills of the growing global market.

Frankly, I would side with the supporters because of the revenue seems to speak well than a beating or raping that would scare the largest demographic from taking their money elsewhere. If you want to see what the real New York is like all you have to do is to travel out of Times Square and visit the rest of Manhattan or enjoy the long forgotten worlds of the outer boroughs. Remember NYC isn’t just all about Manhattan.

Anyway here’s “The Resident” on the history of transforming NYC’s most prominent neighborhoods and the unpleasant downside of it.


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