My Day-Long Getaways

Well that’s the idea, for this month and August I’ll be heading off to four cites all thanks to the miracle of cheap tickets on the Greyhound Express. I did this before with Boston but that didn’t go very well when I got a bad case of sickness and a headache. But here’s hoping this year it won’t happen again this time I’ll bring some pills and sick bags.

Well to those wondering these will be my current destinations and times:

  • -July 18 – Philadelphia, PA
  • -July 25 – Boston, MA
  • -August 8 – Baltimore, MD
  • -August 11 – Washington D.C.

Each of these trips will take only a day long since I live in NYC so it won’t be a bother unless I have to deal with the nightmare of screaming toddlers on the long trips to and from the place. But yeah that’s what I’m going to be doing instead of sitting around the house all summer long.


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