AT4W: Justice League: Cry for Justice #5-7

There are some things I can understand that would drive a man to display rage when reviewing a really bad comic featuring superheroes of days past. And then really getting raged when coming across a scene that offends, and even goes into too much taboo for one reader to handle. But when you came across it once and look minimally concerned but then look at it again and go into a total diatribe on how offensive it is, that is where you can spot a serious problem.

What I’m talking about is last night’s episode of Atop the Fourth Wall on Justice League: Cry For Justice #5-7. It was a really good review, and the Lord Vyce storyline at this point is awesome. However that is not what I’m talking about, it’s not the awesome understory, or how bad the comic Linkara displayed in his analysis but at the part of the death of Lian Harper. Start from the 15:39 mark and you can see it from here. This is where Linkara goes into total rage mode over how the child who’s father got maimed being seen with her lifeless corpse in the arms of Green Arrow. Does this offend me as viewer at this scene, normally yes but not at how much it offends me at the amount of fury Lovhaug has now than what he should have when he did Amazons Attack.

And don’t even try give me that “it’s about time to talk about…” bullshit either. After that tirade, and recovering from the pure awesomeness of the Vyce storyline, I decided to look back at his previous episodes and checked out the first part of his Amazons Attack review where in the beginning a father-son group was at the Lincoln Memorial when suddenly the Amazons from a portal and two of their soldiers surround came up at the two. After the father tells the boy everything’s going to be alright…

Just to end by having his head cut off in front of his son. Just to add the icing of “putting him out of his misery” the soldier also kills the boy with her sword… My input in that scene is that despite being “Men” which I can suspect they hated *doy*. They would have been smart enough to realize they were also unarmed, civilian non-combatants. They could have:

A) Let them go with a message of fear that they’re coming (despite the huge-ass display of goblins, war machines and batteries of soldiers appearing in the National Mall)


B) Take them in as prisoners of war like normal soldiers would do to prevent them from creating unwarranted panic.

But they did neither and it ended up with the most horrific display to start off their causality count. But that’s not the issue here but I wanted to point that out for the sake of saying this:

Mr. Lovhaug if you can explain to me this better, do you know anything about the term “Double Standard”? As in seeing a father gets killed in front of his son and then the boy getting killed himself off-screen by a soldier which regardless of where she’s from should be put on trial for war crimes. And gets a 1,2 mention of the act. But when it comes to the view of the legs of a now lifeless Lian Harper (being a well established character by the way) and you go nuts for three to five minutes and justifiably so.

What I’m saying is, if they were killed, sucks to be them, if she’s killed all hell breaks loose. You see where I’m going at, I probably should know that you would be upset on this then on Amazons Attack then you do now with Cry for Justice! No one should condone the death of child in comics if it were to bring shock value. Is from watching many of your episodes (which I consider a learning experience) should what I can establish as “holy trinity” of things comic book artists and writers should never, EVER do in the name of shock, along with sexual abuse and rape.

In conclusion, Cry For Justice a prime example of how good skills mostly writing can send a good storyline straight to hell without any redeeming value of any kind, If I had this comic on my Wood Scale it would hit –8. As it can show that it would really piss off both the audience and the analysts that when you want to make something to get people upset because you want them to care but instead did because they care about no longer putting up with the shit you (the writer of that comic) established.

As for you Linkara, it wouldn’t kill you to make that establishment that no child in comics deserves to die at first sight. Seeing this part of the review might accidently give the message that if you’re a child in a comic universe and don’t have a strong enough foothold to the readers or attached in relation to a superhero or supervillain (they got kids too), you’re just dead meat!



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