End-of-Year Status

Well this is a fine mess, as for the current situation that I’m in, I got three finals left, two I can take care of tomorrow now that the end of the year is coming and certain “areas” are also coming to an end. Upside is that I finally got what was usually denied to me years ago when I was back in LaGuardia.

That’s Federal Work Study so that means I get to work and be in college at the same time. The award is modest but hey, at least it would show something up on my resume that hasn’t been updated in recent months. Meanwhile, upcoming Christmas shopping and duties are severely taxing especially in my accounts along with the upcoming payments in my student loans and credit card payments for my travel computer.

But the upside is that I’ll be doing volunteer work for the upcoming Emerald Nuts Midnight Run in Central Park meaning that I will be out for New Year’s for the first time ever and out of Times Square which now unless you paid big, is now a hellhole to get in and out, the latter is less severe and probably more fun as long as I stay away from the gallons and gallons of lemon-lime gatoraide I’ve been exposed to since October.

Stick around, there’s more coming up and if I can get off my ass, can get to post more personal topic stuff.


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