The Iomega Drives

I have honestly never used or had anything stored on any of the drives that were created by Iomega. The Jaz, REV, Ditto and the ever (in)famous Zip drives. Based on the principals of the Bernoulli box which were the first high-capacity drives before the rise of CD’s and DVD’s and Thumb Drives for use as storage media.

They used to be the greatest thing to come into tech only to be called later the worst because of what would happen is when it clicks, the 120, 250 mb disk dies out with it. Making it suck. The only prominent mention of the damn thing was far back in 2002 with Zoolander and when the new storage media came in the drive went out. Today, Iomega belongs with EMC and are a good competitor in USB-based hard drives and portable media storage units.

Here are some of their famed commercials. See, I tell you I finally wrote something up.

Exploding Donkeys are Fun!


Cedric goes splat! and I don’t think the backup is doing well…


Where did that octopus came from?!


I wouldn’t let this shit get near my car or my computer.


…No comment.

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