My Satellite Computer

Well yesterday, I got myself a new computer from radio shack. If anyone knows this by now, if you get a computer from retail and not online, you’re gonna get no OS recovery disk in which hopefully for $20 can be possible.

Anyway, from the picture, is what I got, a Gateway LT3201u mini-laptop. It’s gonna take some time getting used to the small keyboard and I did most of my research on this thing when I found the model in radio shack. When looking this up in their official site there was no places where this thing was sold and believe it or not the radio shack where I got this from had the very last one other than the display model. So with credit, I got the computer and decided to break into it because as said before, it doesn’t have an OS recovery disk. (I got to buy one).

Took a while but I got the hang of it all and right now even enjoying it in college out on its first field run. Now all I need to do is pay off the thing and get a sleeve.


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