The So-Called Mosque

Being as a person who lives just one block away from an actual, authentic mosque. I have to say after coming across the controversy of the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” and the arguments from all sides, I often tend to swing into the majority that screams the loudest before delving deeper into the real facts of what is going on. Basically the arguement has caused a division among these groups:

  • Those who don’t want the “mosque” to be built “at” ground zero. (mostly coming from those who lost loved ones or has considered ground zero as sacred ground which is contradictory)
  • Those who do want it in the name of religious freedom
  • Those who realize that the “mosque” isn’t a mosque at all but a community center
  • And those who believe none of it makes sense when they consider all of the facts I.G. This article.

Normally I’m on a “on-alert” attitude over this whole thing but I believe that the general consensus is that whether this is a recreational center, a mosque (then again what constitutes a religious building: function or design or any form of criteria is debatable), supporting religious freedom, not getting dead loved ones slapped in face over this thing or the whole thing sounds crazy doesn’t strictly matter. Nobody cares!

What people mostly care about is whose behind this project, what are the motivations and the overwhelming fact is that they don’t care if its either it is a house or worship or a community center, they feel they just don’t want it there while subconsciously shit on the rights of others. I feel that I want to make a few points: I’m thinking that all the denominations of the world should have a consensus on the definition of a “house of worship” so that way people can spot the difference. Hey they IAU did it for planets why not for religions. Next. is the idea of “Now you’re bringing this up?” See the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing and tell me where was that attitude back then? No seriously.

The point here is that the people are getting hurt on both sides. Victims and Muslim’s alike who wanted to be and let be. You know what? I’ll call them up on this building when it gets built and have plenty of photos of the aftermath. I listed this article under both “Thoughts On…” and “Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” because these are my personal thoughts so far and and why we can’t have nice things because this is more rights denigration and the enforcing of putting one normal group with a group associated with terrorism.

Also what I should really care about of this whole mess is what the mentality of Americans and Muslims in New York City think about this 5 to 10 years from now.


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