Damn you Malcolm Gladwell!

Yes, I’m saying damn you to this man. Since the Lawn episode of Penn & Teller’s bullshit (though seriously what does it have to do with that) I’ve been seeing this figure a lot often:

10,000 hours” – Malcom Gladwell’s Outliers

That figure, that’s 1.14 years of your life if you want to get good at something you want. And there’s no amount of 80’s style montage that can get around it. How in the hell does that number exist? Is anyone willing to give up that much time in your lifespan to get that good because when you really think about the logistics of this figure this is what it would take if you practice at something and continue to do it non-stop without sleep.

Well guess what? You can’t because you are a human and you got other things in your life. So that little 1.14 years becomes 5, 10, or up to 30 years to get something right. This often makes people bitter now and then if they want something to do but know they can’t do it overnight and when you got to try and try again with mediocre and often disastrous results until you have some grasp of the skill that at anytime someone better than you can and will blow you out of the water for less.

That’s the natural order of things: The sun rises, birds sing, and you will always be beaten by someone better than you and you’ll die soon… really soon. Deal with it!

There are some things that make that 10,000 hours useless like time, opportunity and most importantly, talent. If you dreamed of becoming a great artist, or a fantastic sports star and you know you don’t have the physical, mental, comprehensive and psychosocioeconomical position. You’ve just wasted your whole life in something that another person can do better.

“Good things come to those who wait, at which you could’ve been doing something else…”

~S.A. McIntosh


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