Generation Loss O’plenty

There was this idea by Alvin Lucier when he did “I Am Sitting In A Room” where he explores the photocopy effect. How it works is that when you make a copy from the original and take that copy to make a copy and repeat this process over and over again until the quality is damaged beyond recognition?

Well that’s what he did and it came out horrible from his original recording back in 1969. Well the rule applies to making paper copies from copies and now the rule applies to video media as well. Check these examples:

And then there’s Cinemassacre’s Attempt:

[ ?posts_id=3690109&dest=-1]

And finally you tube’s Canzona demonstrates of what happens if you upload the original video, rip it and then re-upload the same video 1000 times!

Where’s #1

And just to save your the time and page space on this whole ordeal, here’s #1000


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