Red Dead Redemption: Best Comedy of 2010!

Red Dead Redemption came out back in May and many thought it would be the “bees knees” since it came from Rockstar Games. the same people who gave you Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne and it’s famed “coffee” scene. Well you wouldn’t expect less from the people who gave you the most violent series ever. Nope! Instead from YouTube testimony, you end up getting the funniest out-of-universe game ever.

I came across a video from Spiked Humor that shows a minor glitch in one particular scene and it was of the main character throwing dynamite at birds…

…Did I forget to mention that the dynamite had a funny feature of becoming heat-seeking missiles?

This was the beginning of a series of famed glitches that are scattered through this game some more funny than the last. It’s like the developers weren’t even trying to fix this when they released this damned thing or it got garbled up in play. Allow me to point out some of them:


Two notable problems came up when it comes to masking your object for starters, you should be able to see them!

Invisible Horse!

Invisible Men!

The Animals Aren’t Right!

There’s something suspicious about that warhorse!

Die Rudolph!

Floating Talking Gunslinging Dogs?!

Spazoid Flying Horses and Lowrider Wagons… and they suck!

I didn’t know AAA existed in the west.

I Don’t Want To Live!

Dr. Moreau of the Old West

The Cougar Man!

Donkey Lady!

Bird Women

Gravity Don’ Work In These Here Parts

It turns out with further looking into the commentary, Microsoft was at fault with an update and when removed it would fix the problem. But I think these glitches helped turned something hardcore into downright funny!


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