We’re The Government… And You’re Not

I saw this video probably three years ago when I was looking around for more documentary like stories around on youtube and it was very interesting and the title of the video is straightforward. I can easily recognize that this is satire, it would still be fun to tear this apart for all its worth. It will be just like my four part breakdown on my post about “The Story of Stuff”. Let’s begin!

0:00 – I think we have a department for that, It’s called Fox News.

0:13 – 0:57 – I think that’s where the bullshit begins.

0:58 – 1:08 – Uh, isn’t that what most Americans do to get this country where it is today, or in the whole like it is now? And the title is where everything goes “down Everest” from here.

1:35 – 1:40 – Gee, it would be more credible if the auditor actually have something to read! No wonder it’s taking so long.

1:49 – You can apply this to contract dealers, record executives, managers, lawyers, car salesmen, etc.

1:53 – 1:56 –  Again, see last line…

2:00 – 2:30 – We would all be better off. Tobacco farmers wouldn’t have to peddle to generate “new” customers, the mother? how in the hell would drug dealers make use of food stamps, they’ve gone digital now, universities can do that though it would still be pointless, and the countries wouldn’t give a rats ass about our democratic ways, they just in to for the money and were in it for their oil.

= End of Lesson One – CRAP! =

2:57 – 3:16 – Okay seems honest enough, and Mary looks like a good person one thing with the chair though. If she can learn how to fix that thing it would be good as new or take it to a furniture dealer to refurbish. Also to the person just tossing it into the garbage. Ever thought of selling it because it may not be good to you it maybe good to someone else.

3:17 – 3:24 – There is no shame in living in the basement as long as you get it set right and make it look good.

3:25 – 3:33 – …Or normal food for that matter. This film is trying to tell us that savers have lower eating standards. Go to hell!

3:34 – 3:44 – Shit on the advantage on disposable materals.

3:53 – 3:59 – Credit & Spending > Thrift & Savings… *sigh*

4:13 – 4:24 – I wonder where the money for the casinos and state lotteries come from and why they should suspend or eliminate them if the economy’s bad?

4:25 – Big screen TV’s are so overrated these days

4:30 – 4:55 – That’s right keep the bankers happy and yourself too, until the bills, violent collector calls and repossessions come in then it will be just the bankers. Also this is the first step to rich douche-dom.

4:57 – 5:10 – That’s right too which makes State dinners for douches even more douchy.

5:13 – 5:23 – So outspending others is a good thing and run yourself into debt and passing that knowledge to your children is the ultimate way towards happiness. I can’t see anything that could possibly go wrong.

5:24 – 5:33  – So own a credit card, spend yourself into debt to be happy. Yeah it can until everything I mentioned earlier comes knocking on your door and no, it will still make you a douche.

= Lesson Two – CRAP! = … And it  turns savers into losers and rich people into douches just begging to be sent to the poor house.

5:41 – 6:20 – Isn’t that what also make up people who came from the 60’s and 70’s?

6:12 – 6:28 – Well what a way to insult the intelligence of Americans and what does the libertarians do that would make them dangerous. Oh wait…

6:38 – 7:06 – What you just said is the reason why other countries keep hating us, They don’t care if we do all these things as long as we keep doing them they’ll keep hating us. Also what American doesn’t like a good explosion?

7:20 – 7:36 – Young people don’t understand politics, but they sure do understand hypocrisy when they see it. Penn Jillette states and it’s true, Alcohol is a drug no matter how you slice it and it’s those same people at the drinker’s age who wanted to drink themselves stupid and not get shot. So it’s less fair and more crap. I blame the 60’s for this.

7:37 – 7:58 – Again this defines what people from the 60’s and 70’s once did and now they have grown up to pull the same crap on our generation when we don’t like the way things are run.

= Lesson Three – CRAP ON A STICK! =

8:30 and Onwards – I love the self-damaging criticism that follows.

Like I said though this is satire I can sum it up in this video:


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