Cash vs. Plastic: Stupidest Debate Ever!

I’ve been going around the web and been looking at various ideas and opinions about the time-honored debate of credit/debit cards vs. cash in all forms. They argue that the cards are faster, the transactions are better while on the otherside they are everything that are against what people want like a cashless society, being tracked and having your purchases recorded and so on.

Where cash on the other hand prone to be better, not subject to fees from companies supporting the cards and even convenience. Problem is cash is subject to counterfeiting and can’t be tracked if you’re robbed (unless you’re the government). My opinion, can’t just people choose what they want to pay for their stuff.

It doesn’t really matter if you pay with cash or cards/contact-less items, neither are faster and whoever is making the transactions will make the difference on processing the stuff.  My opinion you’ll still be waiting in line and lack of education makes all the difference.

Also both methods are subject to criminals getting them difference is is while the cards can be cut off with a phone call and be replaced. Cash, well say goodbye to that when you get robbed regardless of what amount you have. I got some tips and an afterword:

  1. Get a debit/check card with better secure features and learn what to do with it in case of emergency situations like the card getting damaged or when getting robbed.
  2. Carry a reasonable amount of cash so you won’t feel terrible if you loose it and put back what you don’t use. Meaning if you have a large amount of cash and still have some left over you can either put it back or save it close to home.
  3. Don’t let any asshole tell you what to pay for it will still be the same, If you’re paying with cash you’re not sticking it to the main but for other guys, while the debate on the rates they adjust to make money off of it is debatable, the bottom line of making a profit should not be. If that was the case there would be no card scanners or ATMs in restaurants, supermarkets and grocery stores. Tell me, how much does it cost to make those machines and have them in the stores? Or that the stores themselves that have the ATMs make a profit from out of those fees themselves otherwise why would they allow to have them in the first place? And if those didn’t exist the cash holders would he shit out of luck if they were in a situation where they say at a restaurant they don’t have enough money to cover their meals or cash to get what they need in an emergency. I know there are people who don’t care if you don’t have enough money for something they’ll throw your ass out the door.

And now for the afterword: I am in full support for cards and contact-less payments hey in some places like the apple store, you can now pay for something without even going into a register. But back to the topic, I’m in support of these things but I don’t think that cash should be phased out as it can be the preferred method to those in “distant places and areas” so have a card and some cash handy, that way you’ll be happy to choose who to fork it over to.

…I fucking hate this commercial.


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