Luna Park and Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Excited

Luna Park, I’ve only heard about that place from where for the first time I got stiffed $120 for a game of balloon darts; is going to be open after over 50 years of obscurity. The original Luna Park before it got burned down looked pretty awesome and a place to be for everything.

Today with a multi-million dollar makeover, the mayor and all of his reps come along for the ribbon cutting ceremony and there the Brooklyn Borough president Marty Markowitz says the one line that killed any appeal for Luna Park. It’s when he said his “fuggedaboutit” to Playland, Dorney Park and Six Flags. That would have been true if those places never existed.

Those places are so much better and are why most people would travel to those far places to get their fun fix. Those places are bigger than Luna Park and that’s a pretty lofty (stupid) goal to compete with Dorney Park which has Wildwater Kingdom and the Largest Six Flags in the United States! combine that with the regional small-size parks and water parks and it’s clear that you can’t compete with the size and the splashy.

What do you get in the modern Coney Island. The beach, rides and the sun and sand. That’s it. Astroland before it came down was the only thing keeping it up. Not anymore in favor of the redevelopment and so far people aren’t going to like it. Strangely you can’t compete with size and the splashy…


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