A Night with Bill Plympton

free card to advertise dvd release of "Hair High"

Well wouldn’t really call it a night since I just came across him right out of the blue. It was two (three at the time of this post) when I came out of the Channel 101 screenings at the 92Y|Tribeca and I just found out that Hair High was coming to the place so last night, I came over and got my ticket, after chowing down on a sub sandwich because I didn’t have anything to eat while getting there and I wait out the rest until the screening room opened up.

Well things were turning out well and it just shows that I was learning more and more of one of many places I like to go if the tickets weren’t too high and out from nowhere there was Bill Plympton, and he was really friendly the first time I met him. That would make him the second ‘lead person’ to meet before the act. The first being Dan Deacon.

He was really ecstatic when I told him about “Your Face” to which I assume he gets that a lot and it’s association with its premiere on MTV’s Liquid Television. It was a short talk and the man really shows some dedication to his work in which I told him how long did it took to make the movie and how much time he worked per day.

His answer: 20 seconds a day for a year and a half.

To those who don’t know what it’s like to do that much time with cel/hand-drawn animation, 20 seconds would roughly mean he drew over 1000+ pages just to make the 20 seconds worth of a particular scene. That’s like I said before, pure dedication. Well after that little interview I learned ahead of time he was giving free drawings but that wasn’t the half of it. So after the small intro from the man himself plus Maureen McElheron afterwards, the movie was on.

Hair High was a great movie and this is what the synopsis is:

From 92Y|Tribeca website:

An outrageous Gothic myth from the 1950’s as only animator Bill Plympton could envision it, Hair High is the legend of Cherri and Spud, a teenage couple who are murdered on prom night and left for dead at the bottom of Echo Lake. Exactly one year later, their skeletal remains come back to life and they return to the prom for revenge and their justly-deserved crowns.

I would put a fuller synopsis but those from Wikipedia and IMDB were too long. Also I like to make standing points with the movie:

1. Star jocks get pissed off easily from chipped fenders.

2. Zapping a toads “no-no” place is the easiest way to make it spring to life.

3. Smoking kills, makes you cough out your insides (literally!)

4. Rod’s understanding of the phrase “Double Entendre” is better than what I got :P

5. The “Cockstume” scenes. Nuff’ said. (Best part of the movie! go! chicken boy go!)

6. True Love can be achieved after hate, crushing hairdos like glass and stabbing your student servants’ nipples.

7. In the Plymptonverse [Plympverse], this is is what happens when people kiss.

7a. Also in the Plympverse, football games will kill you.

8. Recreating a scene from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure by using the hood of your convertible as a parachute: NOT GOOD AS ADVERTISED.

9. True love conquers all, with scary, often horrific results. That is when you come back from the dead as walking skeletons that would make Ray Harryhausen flip.

10. Even after such a touching story, still doesn’t change the fact that JoJo is crazy!

Addendum: Cherri is a cold bitch but still hot as hell!

After the movie Bill and Maureen came out with a song from the movie that was just the the highlights of the movie that starts out with “When a boy loves a girl…” I don’t know the rest but it was touching. After the show I anticipated to get my free drawing and…

…Oh wait, this would have been great if I had proof that I was there and saw the duo who got me interested in seeing strange comedy toons but haven’t plus the biggest kick in the balls that I don’t have a card or cash on hand to get the DVD and with it a film strip from the movie signed by him. But I got this:

Autographed drawing by Bill Plympton w/ sig by Maureen McElheron

While most got their drawings of either Rob or Cherri (why not Spud?) I got mines of the dog from the Guard Dog films, but I would have gotten Cherri too damnit! But hey its still awesome that I got something from one of my favorite animators and the woman who sang “Your Face” and “Home” from The Tune. Speaking of which I got a free casette and the CD of the movie soundtrack from her. Before you shoot off, on the case of the CD, she was awesome to let me take it and pay her later.

Maureen if you go on line and come across this article, the M.O. will be in your box soon.

~S.A. McIntosh

Well that ended my night with them and the rest of the day and for that, it was trip to the place which I normally spend my Halloween nights at S’mac. One of the best places in NYC to get a good bowl of mac and cheese, grilled in the pan, not that stuff you get from the box. Though around this time I think the may need to work on their mixes for they are a bit too crunchy and burnt from the batches they make in the morning. The night ended with a bus ride on one of the newer extended-length buses to rest of the way home.

Post-Addendum: While the actual turnout of the Hair High event was low and I was the only person asking the questions, it was still a great night to meet someone as awesome as those two. Keep up the awesome work and thanks for the stuff.

P.S. Your loss, Matthew Perry.


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