Deconstructed vs. Sliced: How We Break Things

Back in 2009 the Science Channel gave a really awesome show in showing how everyday things work by simply doing what most children like to do when they come across a piece of tech that is old and useless, take it apart.

That show is Deconstructed.

Made by the Canadian Productions Maj, makers of the longest-running show in discovery networks history How Its Made, Deconstructed gives a well-mannered and rather informative show on how each object works sometimes to the point where the explanations are more confusing than the objects themselves. Case in point: The thermostatic valve and how the hot tub makes bubbles.

Here’s how Deconstructed does it with the toilet.

It’s well thought out and the method of taking that thing apart is neat, clean and in total order. But I confess sometimes to do trash things up a bit but the end result is still clean. Like this

From what I learned, the show had a good run with 29 or more episodes before closing out or being on hiatus. This is much as I can say for when 2010 came around and the History Channel decides to make their own how it works show (as if more and more things had to do with history than what the channel is made to talk about).

Here comes Sliced.

This shows almost a big statement on how we Americans do things even when it comes to taking things apart. Hosted by John McCalmont, he uses massive cutting tools to cut down everyday objects added with more powerful “deconstructing” music than Deconstructed. Remember that toilet segment. well here’s how John does it.

Subtle to say the least until you see him work with stuff like this…

…and this.

and finally this (warning bad quality)

This says way too much on how we do things in the name of how things work. Already when these clips were posted on YouTube, more people often hate this guy more than love, but then again those would be the people who love to see things taken to the EXTREME! just to learn.

FluxAscender commented on this video:

This guy on the show is a moron. He’s comparing an untuned nitro that hasn’t been broken in yet to a toy car from a vending machine.
Wish the dingleberry had cut that Flux in half across the batteries. Would have been fun watching him roll around on the floor trying to put himself out.

This goes most RC enthusiasts as well. We need to fix this fast or else the rest of the world will look at us as morons (again) for demonstrating how we take things apart.


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