Boycott the state, boycott the tea?

iced tea cansThat’s right, in the news due to the recent controversy resulting from Governor Jan Brewer signed SB1070 giving police the authority to ask people of their immigration status in the name of protecting border security while others are saying that this is a case of racial profiling. My personal opinion that such an act will eventually be abused by a bad few that will make such a concept dangerous. But that’s not what I want to talk about it’s actually who is getting in on this.

As of now a group of so-called ‘supporters’ and Rep. Joe Baca calls for the boycott of Arizona Iced Tea in response to the legislature….

…Let that sit in your mind for a second.

A U.S. Rep from California, talking about an issue from Arizona on a national issue; Wants to boycott a tea brand that’s made in New York… Yeah, it would sound not only stupid but insane these people not only don’t know anything about the origins of company but Arizona Tea is about as New York as our bagels, hot dogs, towering sandwiches and pizza. In fact they are a Brooklyn-created, Long Island company.

This is a case where it’s another one of those idiotic misdirection of commerce to address a serious issue deals. 1 2 3 4

Already some idiot commentators in the Huffington Post are asking the company to change their name. I say fuck that! Let them stay as they are and not let them fall into the same fate as those who had the misfortune of having their names be associated with disasters like the bands Anthrax and Katrina and the Waves.


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