Blow up your spill!

In solutions to to solve the current oil spill in the gulf coast they are suggesting two ideas. One idea is that in a three month operation, send an oil rig to drill underground to the spill and fill it with concrete. Another is to use some chemicals to thin out the oil as it escapes and another is to create large metal domes to cover over the spill and contain it.

The problem with these proposals is that they take too much time and take up too many resources that would be a total waste of time and money. They are forgetting a key option that would be fast and effective and that comes from the Cold War Russians in this video (posted before in the old Distant Outpost Blog)

I’m not suggesting that we use nuclear bombs to seal the leak because we already have good super-explosives lying around and the plan is simple:

1. Use past satellite photos of the oil rig explosion and leak and track the spread of the slick from day one to find the source.

2. Sail out with a special drilling boat to drill thousands of feet or miles from the source of the spill.

3. Drop a powerful bomb (2000 lb to MOAB-quality) down the stop point of the drill and detonate the bomb.

4. Explosive force will pinch the flow of the oil sealing the well shut.

The one thing that needs to be dealt with first is the oil’s effects after the explosion and the water pressure at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico and you’ll be all set.


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