Press The Green Button

Back in 2003, Windows XP had a edition that most people who have the computers to use them with. I’m talking of course of Windows XP Media Center Edition. During their promos, Microsoft had commissioned an unknown band to make a series of songs for them to promote their version.

They came to be known as Press The Green Button

Home of the Future – Very imaginative.

Remote Control – My favorite of the tracks.

Online – This song has some dramatic overtones and a smooth sound mixed with digital mixing

There’s a fourth video for the song “Enjoy” but it isn’t up but it’s still a good song too along the other four. There is a video however from the firm Zeus Jones that created the interface for the band on the intro CD.

It’s been 7 years since we remembered the unknowns that became the popular band for Microsoft’s products but wherever they are, thanks.


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