Making my own philosophical law…

In the past decades there have been many established laws in philosophy, technology and the law…

Moore’s Law says that transistors, memory and computer power double every 10-18 months and will often will hit a roadblock in the future.

Murphy’s Law simply states “Anything that can go wrong, Will go wrong.”

The Laws of Thermodynamics depicts various areas in the world of physics that we use in our everyday lives.

The point that I’m trying to make here that there are many people who abide by these laws and sometimes that people often get disappointed that they are bound by the basic laws of the universe that get in the way. And other times they just go about it like it’s the norm.

Even everyday life we are bound by simple rules and laws that we abide by that help keep society in check and things going in order. But now and then you see someone doing something that defies the norm often creating special changes or movements that become the new norm. That is what I came to thought since people make these “laws”, it was about time that I make my law…

And so I give you…

McIntosh’s Law (that being my last name) and in this law, it states.

It’s impossible for anything in nature, beings or stated law could be made to be an “absolute”.

How do I make determination of the this law? Well when you consider the following. There are many people doing hard-line research to make FTL travel possible. Nature makes mistakes that seem to defy all of our depictions of natural law. and in “stated” law, laws made by humans for everyday use. It’s impossible to expect everyone to follow it.

People will not go into the “do not enter” area but will do it anyway because they know the wouldn’t put that sign up there if they know something was really awesome on the other side. Or every video in YouTube’s history where people do something they know that is wrong but do it anyway because if them being cool or just  go get the counts in.

Back to the nature thing. Do you really believe that nature is perfectly designed and always in order well you have never came across the duck-billed platypus, Venus fly traps and every random mutated monstrosity that has not been touched by humans, chemicals or radiation. Worse off nature tends to pollute itself just as bad as humans do with oxygen-absorbing or toxic ocean blooms that pop-in now and then.

Then if you had watched Penn & Teller’s Bullshit on the Death Penalty, even the most serious laws that would end your life cannot be stopped by causes that would end up breaking those laws that would warrant such an extreme penalty. Agnes Heller stated that murder (which is what people invoke the death penalty for in most cases) are caused by crimes of profit, passion and compulsion.

…It basically means that people kill for money, driven to kill or do it because they like it and believe that they can’t be stopped by anyone or  the system.

That is why though these simple observations, that I want to make this law because there will always be law makers and law breakers. Probably in most cases “McIntosh’s Law” is a snapshot of the world we see it now. It’s not a Utopian wonderland or a total hellhole; However it’s not in between ether, it’s more in the gray area.


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