Bullshit! Season 8!

What a way to kick off the first article in “Moments of Awesomesauce” than to announce that from Penn Jillette’s own twitter page. Season 8 is coming June 10th and they got their episodes lined up. Though they don’t know what’s coming up first when the season airs but from the Wikipedia page, there are out. I’ll name them out and I’ll give my personal opinion on them.

Season 8
1. Area 51 – I don’t know about that so you got to give me an explanation on why unless you talk about the attention it got.

2. Cheerleaders – What’s wrong with cheerleaders? Unless you’re talking about the ones below the “national” level.

3. Criminal Justice – Right on!

4. Easy Money – Duh! anyone who haven’t learned from the aftermath of “Lesko & Co.” should by now.

5. Fast Food – Okay, there are a lot of things that can be bullshit about fast food like consumption & self-control, the banning of trans-fats and the reasons why they are pushed by law to put those stupid calorie numbers on menus that no one could fully understand.

Which by the way, I’m in support of the hamburger bill for stopping people from suing people because their food made them fat when they could have stopped at any time.

6. Old People – Like the cheerleaders, what’s wrong with that except for all the stuff afforded to them is crap.

7. Self-Esteem – What?!

8. Martial Arts – Hell yea! in the post mcdojo days yes!

9. Teen Sex – Isn’t stuff like that already covered in the abstinence episode?

10. Vaccinations – It’s a bit of a gray area there.


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