The Story of Stuff

Well over a year ago I have came across a well informative video that is amply titled The Story of Stuff. Which goes into detail about the downsides of the so-called materials economy. She is right about one thing about that you can’t run forever in a finite planet… Well here’s the movie.

I watched this over and over times as a reminder and other times just for entertaining face value then came Lee Dorian of How the World Works with his own four-part critique on the whole thing.

Before I go into it let it be known that I am not in support of either side but just want to state out the viewpoints and make a final statement to justify this article’s category.

Well… Here we go!

Part 1

In the beginning there is a claim that his is being shown to school children. Normally you won’t even touch this stuff.  Also I don’t think that this would count in full as the “Materials Economy” there is a lot more to that. But if you want to go for the dummies route, fine.

1:06 – Well not really when people think of the word finite. It can also mean a lot of things. I can agree with the idea that this idea is false I mean think of landfills and the population of the earth.

1:40 – There’s still space around. Also I disagree with the computers used in the efficiency & prices segment. There is a little thing called Moore’s Law and while we are making technology smaller and cheaper there is going to be a limit somewhere in how small we can get and the materials behind it can hold.

1:57 – The landfills (remember that?!) Okay, we are using less and less space, landfills are being compacted and being used either as methane plants or mowed over and become new landspace. There was this clip on Penn & Teller’s Bullshit on if we create one central landfill it would only be 200 feet high and be 1225 square miles. According to them that’s to cover a thousand years worth of garbage. Not much doesn’t it?

But then again people saying we are out of space is the kind of crap that led to the modern recycling movement.

2:00+ – Yes but at this time we don’t have the technology to get to those unknown resources or until the ones we already have are gone. People would hoard stuff? That is if you have enough to hoard to begin with, most of us don’t even think of that.

3:00+ – Does this mean the people who work their asses off for the Death and Taxes poster doesn’t count? Also, though medicare, medicaid and social security are the biggest consumers of our wealth, they ARE NOT the only ones.

3:50+ For more, see this.

6:17 – Well yea no one talks about the people other than the corporations but you don’t see protesters, tea partiers and anti-war people bitch about them now do you? It’s always the corporations and as far as I know, people pull into the one who screams the loudest.

6:56 – :P oh euphemism, you filthy whore!

7:00+ – Yeah, but time is never on our side and cleaner waters? Where?!

8:58 – Mr. Doren, care to elaborate? and agreed, nothing (in this case, land) is gone forever (unless you salt it :)) but wouldn’t repeated logging exhaust the ground they grow on?

9:47 – 749 M acres not less than 4% of 1o00 M acres? Elaboration please! Call me stupid but is this in the United States, North America or the World’s loggable forests as a whole?

9:50+ – Woah there! 200 years ago? back then people probably didn’t know to boil water back then and the industrial revolution was starting to swing. More likely,  you would get sick probably not from factories but from animals taking a dump in it. The world’s waterways are one big toilet! Clean water is an impossible feat.

10:40 – I’m not sure I got this right but don’t push that America is #1 stuff on me! Other industrialized countries are doing it too, the rest of the world can’t be better off or worse off if we didn’t; Knowledge is lacking to keep the rest of the world fed.

11:18 – Agreed! But do you have to use that goofy honk sound to indicate that? and that’s their stuff on their land, not our Stuff on their land. That is why international trade takes care of that and make both sides be better.

11:45 – Oooh! I was so waiting for this part. Original Forest?! yeah the human-centric idea is cooking in this one. Original Forest from what I gather is something that nature can take care of itself with out us people messing with it. Again in Penn & Teller’s Bullshit on endangered species or was it the recycling one? One environmentalist says that sure that the forests logged down can be replanted but the original forests (the ones that were there before the logging happened are gone) I guess that’s what she’s getting at.Eh, then again, nature doesn’t make or keep an original forest ether do they?

Whew! look at all that and this is just the first part, let’s go on the next video.

Part 2

0:10+ – At the start, well yeah but I’m thinking of food then there are those lead contaminated products and human care and negligence but then that’s swinging to the other side. Moving on…

1:09 – Okay I know you’re making your point but come on. Except for Styrofoam, they’re making it edible now :p

1:58 – Nether do we for synthetics. And there is no such thing as risk free products even risk free stuff has risks not just in making them but using them as well. Mind you…

“The world isn’t made of nerf; there are rought edges; you can get hurt. – Various People “

2:28 – Yes. it what makes up the “other” in most circle graphs on what living things are made up of.

3:19+ – Damn! why would we have our heads catch on fire? Unless you smoke in bed. No, showing pictures of burn victims won’t convince them, that’s just a one way ticket to therapy for life.

5:46 – Depends on where you are and its great needsay vital to get people out of the peasant life and into a better standard of living but there are some would rather have it simple. You just need to look around.

7:30+ – Well not everyone is a high school kid and who wants to work there other than a paycheck.  And why should a company pay for a high school kids’ insurance? Because normally they would expect that? I mean sure they would be on their parent’s plan but again not everyone who wants to work at a big box store is a high school kid or one with too much pride to be caught dead in a place like that.

8:46+ – I seen this in every product I seen this in a NatGeo special for the human footprint and see what goes into making a car. And profit margins, yeah you can cover the costs of the products unless said product bombs. And that reversal scenario… Holy shit! talk about pooing on the whole aspect.

You got to consider that only the workers and the high school kid would get fired if radio shack goes out of business. The shipping, trucking companies would find someone else to do their trade an so will the people around the world. Yeah most people would say that most corporations often send jobs overseas with the argument that supports it saying it’s better than the alternative. *sigh*

10:40+ – Most would want third parties to pay for their health insurance because they most likely can’t afford it themselves or they could and hope to find one with a good plan.

Also the newspaper boy/girl and the savings makes sense every well, that begs the question… WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING!!!

Oh screw it, next video!

Part 3

0: 13 – Oooh, pretty ^_^.

0:23+ – On the not grieving but to shop part but actually did say to hope and pray and grieve? Well I’ll be damned, didn’t see that in video before watching the critique or in the bombardment of broadcasts I got on 9/11. But Bush telling us to shop that was on a separate day and countless documentarians used that as a bad thing.

In my opinion shopping isn’t what we primarily do. Showing the terrorists we can have the “business as usual” attitude is better than shopping.

1:40 – Christmas Box Effect Alert people!

3:50 – My grandma is long dead and those ideas still sound great but I’ll take the side of the fact that we shouldn’t produce and consume less and save, save, save! more investments, easier capital for productions and the rest is history. I’m typically embracing more of national savings month. So, you lose lady.

4:49+ – Labow’s statement is total bullshit!

5:50 – Eisenhower’s time for equal rights and stuff like that were in their infancy in the rough and tumble world of the late 50’s and 1960’s. If you ask anyone about sustainability they would say:

Sustainability… what’s that?

6:27+ – Planned obsolescence? I can deal with that word. And there are plenty of tips to make something last for little to nothing. But there is no guarantee people would keep it but “designed for the dump”… no.

7:20 – This is an insult to computer geeks everywhere especially those who fix and build them. Bigger insult to newbie computer users who can find alternatives other than getting a new computer as the last resort.

8:00+ – If they make stuff that could break fast enough for people to have enough faith in the product to buy more, you better have pull all the stops to make that happen. Also, a $1 billion dollar everlasting gobstopper? No. Three reasons: One, it’s a billion that would’ve gone for something better and two it’s worthless if it lasts forever and third, they taste terrible!

Have you ever tried a regular gobstopper? If it’s bad just imagine what an everlasting gobstopper gets you. I know this is just for though but it’s fun answering anyway.

8:31 – Perceived obsolescence. IMO don’t get new stuff because it looks different or better, get new friends for being shallow douches for making you feel bad for getting you think is good for you. The computer look well, I confess compared to the computers we have in the past, I would wont to go slim and powerful too.

And shoes, again shallow douches, get new friends! and it’s great to have so many choices and it’s awesomesauce but um education and foresight is key because it would also make your head explode.

10:00 – over 3000 ads?! how much does that account in new ways to drug us up?

10:25 – Yeah ads are supposed to make us aware of the products so we can go out and buy they but she does have some truth because most ads does make us unhappy with what we have or got first before making us aware. I mean how much do they have to beat this stuff in?!


Part 4

0:24+ – Happiness is a mental construct not something that can be measured or determined.  I never did fully understand the idea of this coincidence=correlation/cause=correlation stuff. Making people ashamed of what they got is a crime.

1:23 – What’s “self-reporting”? also are people even aware if they have free time or not with the idea that people think they don’t have time for anything anymore unless they are told?

1:40+ – We still do both!

1:50 – Don’t mess with Europe, wait a minute… Europe is a continent with nations! Anyway they shop too and they are just as wealthy as we do. Remind yourself it’s the United States versus a continent of different nations. Each with their own different economies (Regardless it’s now the European Union). Also I don’t care if they consider Europe a peninsula it’s still a continent to me.

2:10 – LOL, You Suck! I would so blow the living shit out of my TV!

2:25 – Well yeah except for the advertising part. I don’t think the FCC would let any advertiser get away with literally telling people that they suck.

3:18 – Hey! we generate power from incinerators :(

4:31 – *rimshaw* Another trash New Jersey joke, they’ll never end. Other states take in our trash too.

4:38 – No, recycling doesn’t always help and should be voluntary and just that. Also what does a “recycled” home look like and where can you find them?

7:12 – Her arguments maybe bad but your use of the The Internationale, smooth *sarcasm*

Well that’s all in these four videos plus the original. I got to say that it’s still goes up I would conclude that this is not bad for an overview of the sides.


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