The $80,000 Oscar Goodie Bag… For Losers

You already know and often bitch about it in your blog, it’s part of the entitlement culture. The part where you’re in a competing game and we all get trophies or some sort of recognition despite the fact that you should get jack shit for losing. Well that’s the world, because we rather not hurt someone have their feelings hurt, than just let people know that losing is a thing.

Well that’s just for normal people. For something else like.. say… the Academy Awards. They have the nomination ceremony where all the films, actors, actress’s works from the past year get announced and you would expect the same idea since we dealing with adults that have to expect that all their hard work would not turn in a fruit. Well you couldn’t be any more wrong than that after the Huffington Post article discusses that the losers get their prize, an $80,000 dollar goodie bag.

From the article this is what you get for not being nominated. Not won or lost at the real awards show. Just for not even getting a nomination.

From Huffington Post

  • Wine-infused chocolates from Chicago-based Chocolatines.
  • 10,000 Halo natural pet food meal donations made to the loser’s pet charity of choice.
  • Hydroxycut protein shakes, bars and gummies.
  • Swiss-made Slow Watches.
  • Betty Jane candies.
  • Acure Organics “cutting-edge” skincare products.
  • Jan Lewis bracelets and silk ties.
  • Cannonball wine.
  • A wearable camera by Narrative Clip.
  • Polar Loop activity tracker.
  • Bee Free Honee organic apple honey.
  • Blossom Blends “bespoke” teas.
  • Mace pepper spray gun.
  • Fine art from Gizara Arts.
  • Jitseu Handbags.
  • The LOADED book series.
  • Steamist Total Sense home spa system.
  • Aviv 613 luxury vodka.
  • Wrag Wrap luxury sustainable gift wrap.
  • Dosha Pops.
  • VETVIK “The Covert” leather iPhone case.
  • HISY Bluetooth camera shutter remote for Apple devices.
  • Mane ‘n Tail haircare products and Conceived by Nature styling products.
  • The Green Garmento Gargantote and dry cleaning bag.
  • Le Petit Cirque aerial lessons.
  • Epic Pet Health electrolyte therapy.
  • M3K Beauty products for “exceptionally vibrant skin.”
  • DrainWig.
  • Acupuncture sessions with Heather Lounsbury.
  • Personal training sessions at Huntley Drive Fitness.
  • Rouge Maple “best maple syrup you’ve ever tasted.”
  • Slimware portion-control plates.
  • Coolway “no damage” Go Pro blow dryer.
  • Simon’s Happy Pet Shampoo.
  • Wonder Glow Organic Lipgloss from Makeup Studio by Diane Capt.
  • Knit & Co. cable knit mittens.
  • Krystal Klear Water whole house water filtration system.
  • The O-Shot procedure by Dr. Charles Runels.
  • ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System performed by Dr. William Yates.
  • Max Martin luxury American-made shoes.
  • Deluxe vacation packages to the Canadian Rockies, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Mexico and Japan.

After looking at the list, the after the items I would like to keep are the travel packages, booze chocolates… and that’s pretty much it.  The rest I would just give it away or just chuck in the trash. But yeah this is the rich people’s version of the entitlement society right here.

The Bechdel Test: Overextended Intentions?

Well it was introduced to me from an old episode of the short-lived Thrash lab series, The Factuary on What do Feminists Have Left? and it mentions the part about the Bechdel Test. What is this test you say? Well it’s pretty much a very straightforward test written into a 1985 strip called Dykes to Watch Out For. Created by of course… American cartoonist Alison Bechdel. Anyway the criteria for this test from that strip goes as follows:

In order to pass this test, it must have:

  • Have at least two women
  • Get them to talk to each other
  • Of anything other than a man

Sounds pretty simple right? Well coming across this site, It tells me something really differently. The Bechdel test is a measure of gender bias in movies, at least that’s what they say so far.  Exploring this site and reading most of the comments in a scant selection of films and their arguments. It sort of drives me to one viable conclusion:

That the Bechdel test for all intents and purposes, is way too easy to be used even as a measuring stick for spotting gender bias in movies.

What I mean by that is that from the arguments and the criteria, this test can’t that easy from the get-go. Because depending on perspective and the appearance of bias, many movies seem to pass or fail the test based on these flaws alone. What I think of these criteria, I think if there are any set limits involved to make the test more practical because under those three rules alone: Any movie is vulnerable from major culture-changing blockbusters to forgettable indie fare. There are already derivative tests made for articles for women in science (Finkbeiner) and another about LGBT characters in media (Russo).

Here is what I have about the test:

What if that “man” was a friend or family member that the woman cares for? How many instances does these theoretical two women talk about the man before it can be considered a fail? One? Two? Three-Strikes Methodology? What that conversation was suggesting that it “could” be about a man?  Let’s go as far as saying that does the orientation of said man matter? This is just a small example of what needs to be considered when reviewing a movie for gender bias.

I even wonder what Bechdel thinks of this idea 29 years since the strip that made the test that bares her name. I would think that it is important that when setting a standard of what does or doesn’t make good media representation in well… media, All these things must be considered or else the platform could be wide open and easily accuse any piece of media, just for being biased.

Also to conclude, who is to say that this test can be applied to just movies? What about TV, movies, popular books and even plays? Those would have been blown away by now. If there was some consideration, an enhanced version of the test can be made and see how that would work. If you think that I’m over-thinking this, fine. But you need to think closely without bias before putting judgement into a movie if it has anything to do with what I mentioned above.

PUF #1 – Nobody Cares?!

Whenever you hear someone come up to you while doing something and they say something in the area of “Do you think, anyone cares?” or “Nobody cares!” Tell them to do one of the following: Well you can fuck off or in a more sincere manner, tell them that you do care to waste your time and mine to come up with a elaborate lecture to tell me why you don’t care about said thing.

So. yeah. you do care just to waste my time.

More Webs to Dust

Well here I go again, new year, new stuff to post and more reasons to kick myself in the ass for being too lazy to post all of the backlogged stuff that has been stuck in my drafts section for months now and are way off into the year.

Meanwhile found a new theme to play with. Will post whenever I get to it.

The Generation of “Self-less” Idiots

I’ve beginning to see a patter here the older I get. Why is it that we have things like recovery partitions instead of following backups and storing original OS disks in computers. Why most cars made after the 90′s are so complicated and sealed away, you can’t anymore work the car yourself but need a mechanic whose training could closely rival that of one who works on airplanes.

Why is it that we get customer service horror stories (from the service’s point of view) of customers who couldn’t follow the simplest of instructions? I am starting to think why that is. With planned obsolescence and the over-complication of simple systems, we are actually creating a generation of “self-less idiots”. What I mean by that is that there are people who don’t know how to do things themselves but instead take all that energy to complain to those that do.

The reason, just to get your money. We end up with products that break down faster than we can use them and have to buy newer and better crap without any know-how to fix it to make it last. We have an economy that makes things that are not made to last. I just thought I point that out with what’s going on now.  With the way things are going now, should a catastrophe comes, the remaining survivors would just die quickly. Simply because they surrendered their ability to learn for themselves in the name of convenience.

Day of the Drive-In

Do you remember those days when movie goers head out in their cars and enjoy their movies into the night with the safety and comfort in their own vehicles. Often more than not, even in the age of digital media, the old-time traditions of the drive-in had never died and it came one night… or should I say, last night at the New York Hall of Science. This is, or was the…


These are my experiences…

After a disappointing run to the Queens Comfort, I decided to substitute the awesomeness of chicken and waffles for chicken waffle tenders from Popeye’s. Admittedly it was really great from the breaded coating what I can assume that was the waffle covering. Anyway two subway trips later, I arrived just when the line developed at the drive-in setup and saw the following.


I really have no idea what is going on but it was expected to happen on the night of the première. I thought at first that it was some sort of pre-show for the VIP’s or something like that but it’s really a practice run for the real thing that happens tonight. As the sun sets quickly and the fence opens I was treated to walk back to a time when people can watch the movie in the comfort in their own car, rather than the noise, stink and stickiness of the theater. For this particular setup, we don’t drive in, but take place in already placed cars…

…That were taken in from a scrapyard in Brooklyn.


But they don’t look too bad I mean I expected this when I saw the website beforehand when I walked up to the lot and scout around to see which car I can pick. So far, I chose a Chrysler convertible to be my car of choice.


Taking my seat in the car, I really thought it wasn’t going to be that cold outside since I didn’t have a jacket. However, as the night came, it did. Good thing that it proved to be a good shelter just from the breeze. But all that before that happened, I did sat on the hood of the car and relax while I stare at the large slide saying “Empire Drive-In” on the screen.  I waited for the last bit of sun to come and at 7 at night I was treated to the first part of the show which is a three-volume slideshow of America’s means of reclaiming our junk from electronics to whole subway cars.

Then comes the second part which is a pre-movie live show called “Lift” a ballet dance featuring dancers moving around doing semaphore signals and dancing forklifts. However the spectacle was drowned out with the blast of the speakers going so loud you can hardly concentrate on the performance.






More in the Gallery at the end of the article.

After that show and letting the ring out of my ears, the first film is shown and it’s basically a HBO documentary on the last truck coming out of a Ohio plant. I somber reminder of the of the economic crisis’ death-hold on our society and how it really hurts the most of us: The real hard-working American. I couldn’t keep track of time but by the time of the next feature it was already 9PM. In the intermission, I thought i sneak out of the car and check out the makeshift concession stand while the drive-in slides and animations play.


There looks like anything you would see in a normal stand but it was built in such a quick way, illusion of it goes when you take a closer look inside. Remember when some foods used to cost less because of the pre-end of gold standard days when people earned a lot less than what we do now. Well I didn’t expect much for simple foods to cost so outrageously as they are now. Seeing the shack it looked cute and simple, with its lineup of goods ready to be hocked at for the highest price available. I would have gotten into it too if it wasn’t for the fact that it was just a cash-only stand.



I came back to my car in time to see the second and last feature called Foreign Parts. It’s a documentary of a non-narrative perspective of the denizens who work and sometimes, even live in the auto shops at Willets Point, Queens. For years, that has sat next to the new Citi Field stadium and hearing about their stories shows a chapter in the city’s history forgotten in the wave of progress that it has tried to get out of even since.


As I watched the movie, I struggled to keep warm inside the car that is dead as it will have to go back to the scrapyard. I looked back and seen all the people enjoying themselves, talking as they watch the movie, getting together and all that stuff. As for me, I enjoyed myself until the end of the movie and the crowd dispersed. The organizers thanked everyone for coming to the event and they closed out.

As I walked, I feel I have regretted one thing, not for going in when I had the money to enjoy the better films they had on show, not for the overpriced goods at the stand. No. the only regret…

…is that I should have fully recharged the damn camera before it stopped working on the last-minute when things were getting good. So that really ends my night at the drive in.


Gallery @ Flickr

= = = = =

On a side note, this is a really good opportunity to explain what I have in store for the blog. For starters I had a lot of articles that haven’t been published yet and for the sake of it, have far long been due or rendered irrelevant due to personal issues and serious problems. I would put a special title group for these articles I would like to call…

Stories from the Summer Backburner… Stay Tuned.


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